Melissa Erbes

Mel Erbes formerly edited the INPUT blog at Alteryx.

Technology Jan 9, 2023
Top 5 Analytics Blogs of 2022
We crunched the numbers, and here are the top 5 analytics blogs of 2022.
Technology Jun 17, 2021
Experts Debunk (Even More!) Data Science Myths
We asked six expert guests “What’s one thing that people think is true about data science or about being a data scientist that you have ...
Strategy Apr 13, 2021
Using Weather Intelligence to Predict Retail Sales
Today’s forecast: Sunny with a chance of increased traffic. See how one company is using weather intelligence to predict retail sales.
People Mar 16, 2021
“Turning Mere Mortals Into Data Science Superheroes”
Mark Anderson, CEO, Alteryx, talks innovation, impact, and everyday data science superheroes.  
Technology Mar 3, 2021
Three Different Ways to … Raise Your Analytics Game to the Next Level
We've got a few (alter) tricks up our sleeve to help you raise your analytics game to the next level. 
People Mar 2, 2021
X-Factor — Link to Success: Innovator + ADAPT 
See how the Innovator + ADAPT program linked Dan Hare and Izam Ryan together for a successful collaboration.
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