Susan Currie Sivek

Data Science Journalist for the Alteryx Community

Dr. Susan Currie Sivek, a former Data Science Journalist for the Alteryx Community, was renowned for her prowess as a writer and data enthusiast. Dedicated to unraveling the best methods to convey intricate concepts, Susan spent her leisure time outdoors with her canine companion or engrossed in a captivating book.

Technology Nov 5, 2021
Still More Data Science Myths Debunked by Experts
Haven’t we debunked all the data science myths yet? The answer is no; the myths just keep on coming.
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Principal Components: Abhishek Gupta on Actionable AI Ethics
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A Data Science Podcast That Really Mixes it Up
Get ready to mix it up. We've got a new data science podcast just for you. 
Strategy Apr 7, 2020
Coronavirus Data Visualizations + How Charts Lie
Who do you trust when charts lie? Here's a look at some data visualizations of the coronavirus (COVID-19) that tell the pandemic story.