Taylor Porter

Content Marketing Manager

Taylor is a self-described content engine inside the proverbial monster truck of analytics. With a background in UX, copywriting, and marketing, he has a passion for explaining complex ideas in simple terms. When he’s not helping analysts rediscover their passion for problem-solving, he’s figuring out new ways to deliver meaningful content. In analytics, numbers do the talking, but even numbers need a good storyteller.

Technology Aug 27, 2020
How Accounting and Finance Professionals Can Use Data to Gain Superpowers
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Beyond the Surface of Spreadsheets
In the age of Big Data, you need technology and processes that can grow with your ever-expanding datasets.
Technology Aug 21, 2019
A Brief History on the Evolution of Analytics
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7 Things Badass Analysts Say and Do
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Let’s Ponder Data Dictionaries
Let's ponder data dictionaries...
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Explore the Depths of Common Data Types + Formats
For those who crave a little order from the chaos of Big Data, read on.