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Introducing Alteryx Machine Learning

What's New   |   Alteryx   |   Oct 14, 2021

With Alteryx Machine Learning, you or any business analyst can use AutoML software to uncover insights and build optimized machine learning models to predict future behavior. Alteryx Machine Learning guides you through the entire model building process, and you can use Designer to access any data source, file, application, or data type—including the data you already have in Designer. Alteryx Machine Learning will also analyze your data to ensure it’s ready for modeling. If the software detects potential problems, it will provide instructions as well as notifications at the top of columns to help you solve them. It also provides a score for your data’s health based on a few factors for each column, such as the:

  • Fraction of missing values
  • Number of outliers
  • Target leakage
  • Class imbalance

Machine Learning
Along with data analysis, Alteryx Machine Learning also offers many useful features you can use to improve your machine learning skills and the quality of your predictions.

Education Mode

Education mode provides contextual guides that explain any terms you might not be familiar with and can be toggled off and on as needed. Text explanations improve your knowledge of machine learning terms, which will help you develop your skills as you use Alteryx Machine Learning.

Editor Mode

Correlation Matrix

The Correlation Matrix shows how two or more variables are related to each other, so you can understand how one variable might affect another. The matrix includes intuitive visualizations with darker colors representing stronger correlations.

Correlation Matrix

Chord Diagram

The Chord Diagram shows you the connection between data points, especially when there are a large number of columns. The more lines connecting to one data point, the higher the correlation it has to the predicted outcome.

Chord Diagram

Model Ranking Leaderboard

Feature engineering options let you add columns to improve the accuracy and performance of your model. You can add columns with a few clicks, and Alteryx Machine Learning will update based on your selections. When you’re done adding columns, Alteryx Machine Learning will recommend models for you to use and rank them in a leaderboard. All you have to do is click the model to run and review it.

Model Ranking Leaderboard

Prediction Explanation

Prediction Explanations tells you how the prediction for a single row is explained by the feature’s values. This includes information for the performance of your models, insights, and features. You can use this information Alteryx Machine Learning to help explain your model’s results and modify the models to see how they’ll react to new information.
When you’re all set, you can download the graphics from Alteryx Machine Learning. Downloadable file types include:

  • PDF
  • Image
  • PowerPoint

Machine Learning

Alteryx Machine Learning does all of this using any data source, file, application, or data type—including any previous assets created in Designer. By utilizing the AutoML software with Alteryx Machine Learning, you can discover insights and create optimized machine learning models to forecast future behavior.
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