Presentamos Fanalíticos: analítica para ganar

What's New   |   Danielle Kieschnick   |   May 8, 2023 TIME TO READ: 3 MINS

For years, elite sports teams have been sharpening — and even reinventing — their game with the help of data analytics.

In the NBA,  three-point shots increased by 50% when data modeling revealed three-pointers have a 35% chance of going in, leading to more points scored throughout a game. Professional baseball transformed when data revealed the downsides of bunts and base steals. And likewise, McLaren Formula 1 race cars each have hundreds of telemetry sensors to generate data on everything from temperature level to the amount of G-force the drivers feel going into corners, all to improve performance.

Everyone, from die-hard fans to seasonal spectators, enjoys sports in some capacity. Whether it’s the NBA, the Olympics, or cornhole at a BBQ, sports are a connective tissue across geographies, jobs, and people groups. They’re for everyone, just like analytics. That’s why we created Fanalytics.

What is Fanalytics?

Fanalytics is the ultimate combination of sports, fandom, and analytics. Through content and interactive experiences, we’ll provide an inside look at the world of sports analytics. We’ll show you how the very best are using analytics to improve performance on and off the court (or field or mat and so on!)  — and how you can do the same in your business.

What do you mean by “sports analytics”?

Sports analytics can be separated into two categories.

On-field analytics: Anything that revolves around performance, such as predicting outcomes (W/L), evaluating opponents, and scouting players.

Off-field analytics: Any kind of analytics that doesn’t affect performance, such as fantasy leagues, improving the fan experience, and other business elements — customer intelligence, supply chain insights, sponsorships, partnerships, return on ad spend, and so on.

Who is Fanalytics for?

For years, members of our Community have enjoyed sharing their passion for sports and analytics. Even some of our users can’t help but intermingle their passion for sports and analytics, like Andrew Mize, VP Business Strategy & Initiatives Manager at Bank of America – he works day to day with data, but spends hours outside of work building models of sports data.

We built Fanalytics for lovers of sports and data, but also for business leaders who want to achieve incredible results. For the same reasons sports teams rely on data to drive performance and beat the competition, business leaders need analytics.

Through Fanalytics, we hope fans will find new depths to their enjoyment of sports as business leaders experience the thrill of honing their organizational performance to lethal levels.

How to get involved

Follow our hashtag #AlteryxFanalytics to start receiving behind-the-scenes views of analytics in sports. You can also visit (and bookmark!) our Fanalytics Page for upcoming webinars, updates, and exclusive interviews.

For a sneak peek into the world of sports analytics, check out how McLaren Racing accelerates decision-making on and off the track using Alteryx or how 2x NBA champion Shane Battier used analytics to gain a competitive edge throughout his career.

Where will I see Fanalytics?

Fanalytics has many upcoming appearances. If you’re attending Alteryx Inspire 2023 in Las Vegas, you’ll have the opportunity to take a ride in a McLaren Racing simulator, take a few swings at our Alteryx golf simulator, and learn more about our sports + analytics stories. Fanalytics will return to Las Vegas in late June for the Snowflake Summit where our messaging will be blasted out to the masses along the Strip. New blogs are being launched, use cases are being drafted, and we can’t wait to share more about analytics changing sports for the better.

Fanalytics. Analytics for the Win.

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