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Machine Learning Operations with the Alteryx Platform

Alteryx enables intuitive ML operations so that your models can always be as accurate and effective as possible.

Accelerate Model Deployment and Simplify Model Management

Most models decay before they can be deployed. Predictions based on six-month old assumptions are suboptimal at best. With hundreds or thousands of models guiding your business, the cost of ineffective models is untenable.

Alteryx makes it easy to maintain the quality and accuracy of your models. Not only can Alteryx accelerate model creation with fully-guided, low-code, no-code AutoML, Alteryx also simplifies and enhances model management.

Specifically, Alteryx can:

  • Automate the end-to-end data science and ML process
  • Deploy models regardless of their format (e.g., R, Python, or low-code/no-code)
  • Reduce risks to your organization by providing a repeatable, scalable way to deploy and monitor models
  • Give you complete visibility into your model performance and take action to update or replace models when their performance degrades
  • Eliminate recoding and quickly deploy models and move them from development to test to production environments