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Alteryx App Builder

A cloud-native, no-code tool to create self-service analytics apps.


Make analytic applications easy

An integral service now available on the Alteryx Analytics Cloud Platform, Alteryx App Builder is a cloud-native tool for easily creating self-service analytic apps without code. It also makes access to scale actionable business insights easy for users with the applications available for use on any device with a browser. Finally, App Builder enables users to answer their own questions from data, reducing dependency on your analytics teams and freeing them up to collaborate with internal stakeholders to identify new opportunities for the enterprise.


Build Apps Without Code

Traditionally, developing analytic apps has been time-consuming, resource intensive and expensive. Alteryx App Builder significantly reduces the time and effort organizations need to create value and deploy apps from scratch with a no-code, drag-and-drop interface for creating easy-to-use apps on any device with a browser.


Democratize Enterprise-Wide Insights

A wide range of users can quickly self-serve business insights without prior knowledge of the specific underlying assets or data and without sacrificing security or governance. App Builder fosters a culture that encourages collaboration and ultimately improves overall business agility and competitiveness.


Get Real-Time Results

Time is money – spend less time waiting. App Builder provides insights in near-real-time, allowing organizations to make informed decisions quickly and efficiently. This is made possible through App Builder’s ability to access workflows or full datasets which eliminates the need for time-consuming and manual data retrieval processes.


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