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What’s New in Designer Cloud 9.3/9.4

September 1, 2022

What’s New in Designer Cloud 9.3/9.4

We’re excited to share our latest capabilities as part of the Designer Cloud 9.3/9.4 releases. As always, there’s a wide range of new features to discuss:

Designer Cloud? 

To reflect our ongoing product development as part of the Alteryx Analytics Cloud, Trifacta is now Designer Cloud. This name change will be reflected in future versions of the product, along with some exciting new features. The name of our product has changed, but it’s still the same great Trifacta experience – and more! 

What’s new in Designer Cloud 9.4:

JavaScript UDFs Can Now Be Executed With BigQuery Pushdown

In Designer Cloud 9.0, we announced the ability for users to create custom transformations using Javascript User-Defined Functions (UDFs). In 9.4, we’re happy to announce that Javascript UDFs are now generally available, with an update. For Dataprep users, Javascript UDFs can now be executed with BigQuery Pushdown, allowing for faster and more efficient data transformations across your entire Dataprep job. 

Access Plans from Flow Output Panel

In 9.4, it’s easier than ever to identify and access plans that are triggering jobs. If a job run is triggered from a plan, a link to the plan will now appear next to the job in the flow output panel, allowing users to easily navigate to the plan. This link will take users to the job’s task node within the plan, making it easier to review your jobs in context.

Faster Access to Data Quality Information After Job Runs

It’s now easier to identify data quality issues when you run your jobs. If a job successfully completes, but some Data Quality Rules do not pass, or there are column data mismatches, users will now be notified directly in the body of the Job Run notification email, without the need to open any attachments to see the pertinent information. 

Job and Plan Emails Now Send by Default

We don’t want our users to miss a single important update, so email notifications will now be turned on by default when users run a new Flow or Plan. This will automatically notify users by email on job success or job failure. Existing workspace-level overrides and flow-level overrides have been preserved. Users can change the default at any time by navigating to their workspace settings.


Users Can Now Refresh JSON Files

In Designer Cloud 9.0, we added the ability for users to refresh relational, delimited, and schematized files. In 9.4, we’ve expanded dataset refresh to include JSON files. When the underlying schema for a JSON dataset changes, users can now upload fresh data and refresh their datasets without the need to create a new dataset object and replace it in the flow. Dataset refreshes can be used to address schema changes, or to add or remove columns of data from a dataset. In future releases, Dataset refresh will be expanded to support Excel and PDF files.

What’s new in Designer Cloud 9.3:


Improved Transformer Loading Experience

Users should now notice faster performance when entering the recipe mode/transformer grid. Rather than waiting for a sample to load, which could block users from taking action for a few seconds upon entering a recipe, sample loading now occurs asynchronously. 

New Expandable and Collapsible Left Navigation Bar

The left navigation bar has been updated. You can now expand the left nav bar to display full-text options for each menu item, or collapse it to reclaim additional screen area.

Improved Support for Synapse External Tables

We’ve improved support for Synapse external tables. Users should see improved performance when reading large data files from Synapse external Serverless Pools. Users can also now publish to Synapse external tables.

Dataprep: Run SQL Jobs in Customer VPC

Dataprep customers can now connect to data sources and ingest, publish, and execute SQL steps directly from their own virtual private cloud (VPC). Design time access to schema, metadata, and sample data can also leverage the customer’s VPC. For more information, see Run Dataprep in Your VPC.

Dataprep: In-VPC Processing for Photon 

In addition to SQL steps, Dataprep users can now execute Trifacta Photon In-Memory jobs within their own virtual private cloud (VPC).

New connectors with Designer Cloud 9.3/9.4

We continue our journey to help you connect to any data source, enabling additional use cases. With Designer Cloud 9.3/9,4, we support the following new early-preview/read-only connectors:

  • SendGrid
  • Denodo
  • Zoho CRM
  • DocuSign

For more information, see Early Preview Connection Types. You can learn all about our connectivity updates here.

If you haven’t done it already, it’s a great time to sign up for a free trial with Designer Cloud. Join us today on our journey to the cloud.