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Icons of Analytics - Alteryx Inspire Europe 2017



From hands-on training programs and expert tips and tricks to the strategic business perspective you need to become an analytics leader, Inspire Europe 2017 will provide you with the insights you need to fuel your career.

Inspire Europe 2017 sessions will be offered in four separate tracks, designed to deliver insights and education for multiple parts of your organisation.



Inspire Europe 2017 Opening Keynote - Dean Stoecker Chairman & CEO - Alteryx

Chairman, CEO and founding partner of Alteryx, Dean Stoecker, opened up Inspire Europe 2017 with a reflection on the "Icons of Analytics" and trends that have shaped the Industry 4.0 world we live in today. He discusses the three big challenges to analytic excellence that organizations are facing, and how the creation of the Office of the CDO is here address these challenges. Dean then outlines how the Alteryx platform is evolving to continue to deliver a thrilling analytics experience for data analysts, citizen data scientists, and data scientists with its ability to discover, share, prep, blend, analyze, model and deploy and manage data and analytics at scale.


Inspire Europe 2017 Product Keynote - Langley Eide - Chief Strategy Officer, Jay Bourland - SVP Engineering - Alteryx

Alteryx Chief Strategy Officer, Langley Eide, and SVP of Engineering, Jay Bourland, highlighted key developments in the Alteryx platform and set the vision for where the platform is headed. They demonstrated how Alteryx is bringing siloed data together in a centralized environment to deliver a governed and collaborative environment for users to access the most relevant data needed for their analysis through Alteryx Connect. They also gave a glimpse into the future of where Alteryx is headed with enhancements to visualtization and reporting capabilities, the enhanced support for advanced analytics through Python and Spark. In addtion, Inspire Europe 2017 was the launching pad for the introduction of Alteryx Promote to help with the production and deployment of predictive models.


Inspire 2017 Customer Keynote - Olivia Duane Adams, Chief Customer Officer - Alteryx

Olivia Duane Adams is a founding partner of Alteryx, and as Chief Customer Officer, she is responsible for overseeing and maximizing the complete Alteryx customer experience, from engagement to on-boarding, communications, performance, and retention. Libby provided a highlight recap of Inspire Europe 2017, presented the Alteryx Grand Prix trophy, announced the launch of Alteryx Academy, presented the Alteryx Analytics Excellence award winners and inaugural Alteryx for Good awards, and revealed location of Inspire Europe 2018.

Business Leader Track
Designed for business leaders who use analytics to drive organisational change and improvement, this track will feature a range of customer speakers and industry experts. Attend these sessions to explore topics as varied as how to become an analytics-led organisation, improve customer engagement through Big Data, and make strategic decisions with predictive analytics. The Business Leader track will help you become an analytics leader in your organisation.

It's Showtime for Predictive Analytics!

BookMyShowBookMyShow is India's largest online entertainment ticketing platform that allows users to book tickets for movies, plays, sports, and live events through its website, mobile app, and mobile site. Serving more than 25 million customers across India, BookMyShow sells 12 million+ tickets each month.

In this session, you'll learn how BookMyShow uses the predictive modeling capabilities in Alteryx to gain insight into customer tastes and entertainment trends. Because most of the tickets listed on BookMyShow have a shelf life of three to seven days, being able to accurately predict the expected occupancy of shows, target high-potential shows, and identify which customers to present a specific offer, in an extremely short period of time is critical. BookMyShow has automated the entire predictive modeling process using Alteryx Server, enabling near-instant adjustments to customer offers in order to maximize profits.

Anujay Mathur - Analytics Lead - BookMyShow


Brewing a Better Data Analytics Path

Asahi BreweriesComprised of a group of more than 10 Central European plants that produce world-renowned beer brands, such as Pilsner Urquell, Kozel and Zubr, Asahi Breweries Europe Ltd. uses Alteryx to complement its standard BI deployment in a wide range of applications, from data harmonization and synchronization, to customer and product profitability, and more. Asahi Breweries Europe has leveraged Alteryx not only to unlock power users' expertise in analytics and flexible data consolidations, but also to enable a smooth enterprise transition as part of recent M&A activity.

In this session, Asahi Breweries Europe solution owners will present a variety of use cases and resulting benefits, elaborating on specific issues related to solution adoption, internal expert community development, and commonly agreed-upon principles and standards.

Martin Riha - Sr. Business Analyst - Asahi Breweries Europe Ltd.


Building a Modern Analytics Culture within a Bank

Close BrothersOrganisations today collect massive amounts of data across all their business units, but often struggle with how to bring it all together to get a unified view of business performance. This is especially challenging when your organisation has flourished without sophisticated analytics for over 100 years. Hear how Close Brothers, one of the oldest and most respected merchant bankers in the U.K., has undergone their journey in leveraging their existing data sets and embracing a more modern analytics culture to help drive performance.

In this session, you'll hear how Alteryx enabled the bank's non-technical employees to become analytics experts and manipulate and analyse data quickly and easily—without becoming programmers. You'll also learn how creating an analytics culture throughout the organization fundamentally changed the bank's approach to using data, enhancing both the user and customer experience.

Simon Hayter - Head of Analytics Strategy - Close Brothers


Striking (Liquid) Gold with Self-Service Advanced Analytics

AlteryxOne of the world's leading petroleum drilling and production companies, Royal Dutch Shell Plc, commonly known as Shell, is a multinational oil and gas company headquartered in the Netherlands and incorporated in the United Kingdom. Even though it is one of the six oil and gas “supermajors,” Shell's costs can vary greatly by location and involve many other factors beyond the cost of the well, including land lease charges and royalties.

Through its use of the Alteryx platform, Shell is able to deliver innovative and agile analytics solutions that meet a broad spectrum of challenges across the corporation. This session will outline how Shell uses self-service data analytics in its overall corporate strategy and how analytics impact the company's bottom line.

Daniel Jeavons - General Manager, Advanced Analytics CoE - Royal Dutch Shell


Advanced Location Analytics with Alteryx and Tableau

DeloitteAt Monitor Deloitte, the strategy consulting practice of Deloitte, helping clients with the trickiest business problems is a daily occurrence. And when leveraging the powerful spatial analytics and data blending capabilities of Alteryx and the visualisation capabilities of Tableau, Monitor Deloitte's location planning team can answer the most complicated questions in a simple and intuitive way: What are the most attractive locations for new retail branches? Which locations are performing below expectations and should be closed? And would changing the branch format improve performance?

In this session, you'll learn how Alteryx fuels Monitor Deloitte's location planning tool, which has received national recognition in the company's external marketing campaigns and is at the forefront of a wider approach to productionising analytics, in action. What's more, you'll hear how creating a template of repeatable workflows and dashboards in Alteryx has significantly reduced development time and focused efforts on more value-added tasks through the duration of each client engagement.

James Broadfield - Sr. Consultant, Analytics - Deloitte


Remixing Digital Data for New Music Insights

Sony Music Entertainment GermanyMany areas of our lives are undergoing accelerated digital transformations—and music consumption is not an exception. Streaming data, social data, and music metadata together play an important role in the future of the music business, from a strategic as well as technical point of view. Sony Music helps business users generate new and powerful music insights by incorporating as much data in its business processes as possible, through the systematic creation of data awareness and the agile design of self-service analytics platforms.

In this session, you'll learn how Sony Music Germany uses Alteryx to build its data preparation, data blending, and analytics capabilities as a foundation of a brand-new landscape of data-driven & analytics solutions. In particular, you'll see how Sony Music Germany generates new insights by combining Radio Airplays and Shazam Tags data to better promote Sony's "Artists & Repertoire" on German radio stations using Amazon Web Services (AWS) storage solutions, Alteryx Analytics Gallery, Alteryx spatial analytics capabilities and a Tableau Online architecture. Additionally, you will learn how Sony Music is experimenting with predictive modelling in music streaming to improve listener experience.

Felipe Torres - Data Scientist - Sony Music Entertainment Germany


Running Ahead of the Pack with Data Analytics

adidasWhile adidas' Western European e-commerce business is booming, it's not a simple business, with 38 different websites across 19 countries and two brands with more than 9,000 SKUs each season. With this kind of complexity in its digital ecosystem, one small glitch or problem can create an online business disaster for the company: adidas must be on top of every aspect of its online presence in order to ensure that its data consistently translates into business value.

In this session, you'll learn how Alteryx and Tableau help adidas improve the customer experience, optimise operational efficiency and maximise profit within the season. By using Alteryx to automate the early identification of operational issues in its complex digital ecosystem, implement operational forecasting to allocate and plan resources, and maximize each season's profit by using analytics to shape recommendations regarding marketing, on-site merchandising, and pricing, the adidas analytics team is helping the company continue to remain at the forefront of the highly competitive apparel market.

Ionut Popescu - Manager, Data Analytics - adidas
Maja Overgaard - Project Manager, In-Season Trading (through Mofecto IVS) - adidas
Irina Mihai - Manager, Web Analytics eCommerce - adidas
Sally Hoevener - Trainee, Global Sales - adidas


NHS Improvement Transforms Enterprise Analytical Support with Alteryx

NHS ImprovementWith approximately 250 analysts across NHS Improvement in different directorates, the need to easily prepare data and quickly produce outputs has been a key business imperative. Because of Alteryx, they have been able to scale core analytics capabilities to the enterprise, delivering 125 analysts across 22 business units with core analytics imperatives including data preparation, in-database analysis, building macros, spatial mapping and drive time calculations, analysing survey results, blending multiple data sources and integrating the outputs to create one single source of truth, so everyone gets the same information without duplicating efforts. Join this session to hear NHS Improvement's story from incredible use cases to their data and analytics journey, lessons they have learned through this process, and how the Alteryx platform has rapidly become one of their enterprise's most powerful tools.

Mridula Sori - Principal Analyst, Development Lead - NHS Improvement
Farhad Hossen - Sr. Analytics Developer - NHS Improvement


Feeding Effectiveness & Efficiency with Alteryx

CargillCargill creates connections across the global food system. We join farmers with markets, customers with solutions for sustainable nutrition and people with the food they need to thrive. While the financial planning & analysis (FP&A) team for the starches, sweeteners & texturizers business at Cargill works towards this mission daily, it also strives to advance business intelligence in a sustainable manner across 50 global plants.

During this session, attendees will learn how the FP&A team utilizes the Alteryx platform to create value and identify productivity gains from its structurally filled data lake within operations, and throughout the supply chain. Attendees will hear how the FP&A team went from mostly discussing forecasts to focusing on financial business intelligence, complete with automated and standardized KPI dashboards and reporting — financial and beyond.

Peter Janssens - Global FP&A Director, Business Operation & Supply Chain - Cargill

Data Analyst Track
Led by data analysts from our customers and partners, the Data Analyst Track is all about real world experience. Attend these sessions and you'll learn directly from the experts to turbo charge your current skill set. From best practices and how-to's to expert panels and case studies about customers' use of Alteryx to solve specific problems, the Data Analyst Track at Inspire Europe 2017 will "inspire" you to try new ideas and help you get the most from your analytics investment.

How to Leverage Alteryx to Create Self-Service Data Driven Insights

GeomaticWith so much data available to organisations today; to gain a fuller understanding of their customers and their needs, organisations must better understand the ways of using these data components together. Connecting this with the new GDPR regulation that comes into force in May 2018, it is paramount that organisations find the right ways to utilise the data points that are available to them, and so optimise their customer interactions. Join this session to learn how utilising the full capabilities of the Alteryx platform is advancing Geomatic's data and insight services, decreasing the time-to-market for Geomatic's clients across banking, insurance, retail; whilst enabling Geomatic to work with both sensitive and none-sensitive data in a fully controlled, dynamic and secure way.

Ross Whalley - Chief Analytics Officer & Partner - Geomatic


Alteryx Helps the Multichannel Analytics Team at Wolseley to Make Faster Decisions

Wolseley UKDigital has become a key strategic theme for Wolseley and the Multichannel Analytics team are making considerable strides in Wolseley's capabilities through the use of advanced analytics to drive performance and growth. A recent investment made in Alteryx enables the wider community to consume data in an unprecedented way. Through significant automation of internal processes, the team has saved up to 25% of their time to better focus on true customer insight. With better and faster data, the team can deliver true analytics through predictive modelling to understand customer churn rates, identifying new growth opportunities to increase share of wallet and Google Analytics to understand eCommerce and Self Service Event performance.

Wasim Yaqoob - Sr. Multichannel Analyst - Wolseley UK


Alteryx Enables Republiq to Help Cities Make Smarter Decisions

WolseleyData-based decision making sits at the core of Republiq's business, where they believe big data can help shape the future of public real estate. Republiq helps their clients in the Netherlands make better decisions using big, open data sources, and they have combined 180+ open datasets to create a public real estate database (schools, sports facilities, libraries, theatres, cultural centres, etc.), to uncover insights into the distribution of public real estate. With Alteryx, they created 'Smart Cities,' which allows government groups to link policy making to real estate management, and to answer questions such as: "Are there enough community centres? Are libraries within reach for all citizens? Which neighbourhoods lag in sports participation? How are primary schools distributed?" Join to learn the challenges Republiq encountered when developing 'Smart Cities;' how Alteryx helped them deliver the tool faster than they thought possible; how the city of Groningen is using the tool, and the insights they have formulated to create a new vision on public real estate.

Sander de Clerck - Senior Consultant - Republiq


Strength in Numbers with Alteryx at Elkjøp

Elkjøp Elkjøp is one of the largest electronics retailers in the Nordic countries with around 400 warehouses and 5 online shops. Given all the different data sources in such a large organization (Excel, Google, date warehouse, APIs, etc.), Alteryx makes dealing with them much more effective. Join to hear how Elkjøp is using good models and a lot of data — "strength in numbers" to:

· Close the gap between online and offline with connection data
· Understand "Store Visits" from Google AdWords, and optimize campaigns with an ARIMA model, resulting in forecasting sales site traffic with over 95% accuracy for each campaign
· Develop an internal product recommendation algorithm to determine which products should be offered to a customer to improve basket size
· Leverage staff sales skills, and use this data to improve online recommendations, where Elkjøp achieved better results than a 3rd-party solution, and saved millions of NOK each year

Jens Petter Røyseth - Head of Analytics - Nettavisen (Elkjøp)


Alteryx Improves Student Recruitment at the University of Edinburgh

University of EdinburghApplications are the lifeblood of any university, and the University of Edinburgh invests considerable time and effort in monitoring the number and quality of applications to its many degree courses, as well as predicting how many successful applicants will eventually convert into fully enrolled students at the start of each academic year. Learn how Alteryx has revolutionised the analysis and reporting of student data at this leading UK university, transforming laborious and error-prone processes that took days or weeks into compact, repeatable workflows that run in less than a minute. This session will also highlight the powerful suite of Alteryx predictive tools and how they can be harnessed to derive insight and drive growth.

John Tullis - Business Intelligence Analyst, Postgraduate Admissions - University of Edinburgh


How Alteryx Empowers Agile Analytics at Aon

AONOver 140 analysts deliver data-driven insights to a global network of brokers, clients and insurers at the Aon Centre for Innovation and Analytics (ACIA) in Dublin. Their success depends on the ability to rapidly prototype and deliver efficient, repeatable analytics from one of the world's largest repositories of risk and insurance data. Advanced data manipulation and programming skills are often a barrier for analysts who are not comfortable writing code, and make delivering deeper insights challenging. SQL, Python, and Excel make it difficult to execute, repeat and automate the analytics process with short time to insight. Alteryx was introduced to ACIA in 2015, and immediately began improving both analyst and process efficiency with its repeatability, rich array of tools, and visually intuitive, self-documenting workflows. Join to learn how Aon analysts are leveraging Alteryx to:

· Schedule reports using Excel templates and Alteryx Server
· Automate editing of Tableau workbooks using XML parsing
· Create predictive models for client churn without writing code
· Execute ETLs for parsing deeply nested XML files into a dimensional data warehouse model
· Project manage resource allocation and utilisation

Giuseppe Tortorici - Manager, BI & Visualisation - Aon


Data Driven Advertising - How Alteryx Manages Messy Media Data

AnnalectAlteryx is helping Annalect, the data science division of Omnicom Media Group, to more effectively manage advertising and media data. Offline (TV or radio stations) and online (e.g., Double Click and Google) data feeds come into media agencies from hundreds of data sources, including media owners and media research companies, and deliver large, frequent audience and transmissions data in incredibly messy, different formats. Thankfully, Annalect found Alteryx, which allows them to clean and harmonize all the data inputs, and merge them into one single source file for input into Tableau. Join this session to:

· Hear a brief overview of the current state of advertising in Europe and UK, focused on the high degree of industry fragmentation
· Understand the challenges media agencies face in bringing diverse data sets together in a speedy, comprehensive way
· Learn how Annalect is leveraging Alteryx to clean and merge challenging data sets, and how the repeatable Alteryx workflow is critical in allowing the agency to keep up with messy, real-time data

Tom Harper - Director, Analytics - Annalect


Agile Retail Analytics and Life After Excel

IC GroupIC Group is a premium fashion retailer based in Copenhagen, with three core brands sold primarily in Europe, through their retail shops and e-commerce channels; franchises and wholesalers. Many IC Group systems are cloud based, resulting in "data silos." Their shared services platform is managed by a small group that must achieve high productivity with very limited resources. Join to hear how Alteryx is helping IC Group integrate data across systems in hours instead of months, and how much they have achieved in a very short timeframe, including:

· Market Basket Analyses on transactional data stored in a data warehouse to identify products commonly purchased together
· Identifying consumers who contact Consumer Service, and later purchase, to prove Consumer Service is driving increased sales and basket size
· Sentiment Analysis on consumer comments across all contact channels
· Extracting and transforming data from a data warehouse, and then loading it into their cloud Marketing Platform

Bob Peers - Process Automation Consultant - IC Group


Accelerating Data Science Using Machine Learning Automation

Intelligent Business StrategiesThis session looks at how a combination of self-service data preparation and Machine Learning automation can be used to significantly reduce time to value by accelerating model development in data science. The session will cover:

· The explosion in demand for analytics
· Data science and the modern analytical ecosystem
· Challenges with current approaches to analytics
· Reducing time to value via automated analytical development
· Meeting the requirements using ML automation
· Integrating analytics into the enterprise to maximise effectiveness

Mike Ferguson - Managing Director - Intelligent Business Strategies

Technology Track
Get the details on new Alteryx technologies and hear about exciting product updates directly from the Alteryx team that developed them. The Alteryx Technology Track will be your deep dive into topics from basic data blending tips and tricks to more advanced topics such as predictive, and server deployment considerations.

Master the Essentials of Data Prep and Data Blending

AlteryxIn life, becoming an expert at something begins with having a strong foundation in the basics, and it's no different with analytics. This session presents best-practice solutions for the three main components of data preparation and blending: handling data sources, building efficient workflows, and conducting data exploration. We'll show you how you can optimize each of these components within Alteryx and avoid data analysis errors, thereby saving valuable time in the decision-making process.

Ben Gomez - Director, Product Management - Alteryx


The Art and (Data) Science of Data Cleansing and Quality

AlteryxBy itself, predictive modeling can be difficult to implement. What's more, the growing number of data types and sources are making the data preparation process more complex. While predictive modeling can deliver substantial business gains, it can also wreak havoc if the data used for analysis is not accurate or complete. In this session, we'll help you understand how to assess the quality of your data, cleanse and prepare data for analysis, and decide the right predictive modeling techniques for your specific situation.

Dan Putler - Chief Scientist - Alteryx


Making a Small Job Out of Big Data With In-Database Connections

AlteryxThe volume of data is growing exponentially and it's now the norm to store every bit of it. With the innovative in-database tools, Alteryx puts Big Data in the hands of all analysts. Learn how to maximize your existing Big Data infrastructure, when to move data out for processing, and when to use in-database blending.

Alex Patten - Product Manager, Data Platforms - Alteryx


From Predictive Models to Production Apps

AlteryxBuilding machine learning models is tough. But integrating models into real-world processes and apps used by your front-line employees or your customers is even tougher. In this track, you'll learn how to build and bring to market data-driven user-facing apps quickly using Alteryx. We'll build a predictive model (e.g. product recommender or a credit score) with Alteryx and deploy it to production with just a few clicks.

Austin Ogilvie - Director of Product Management - Alteryx


Information Discovery. Governance with a Business Twist

AlteryxYou won't want to miss this session! Hear how Alteryx thinks about governance through innovative ways to empower users to find, understand and collaborate on all information assets relevant to their business questions. Attend this session to find out how analytic teams can best enable users with trusted information and how users in an organization can see their work discovered and utilized by their peers.

Josh Howard - Director, New Products - Alteryx


Unlocking the Secrets of the Alteryx APIs and SDK

AlteryxHave you discovered the secret power of the Alteryx APIs and SDK? If not, you must attend this session. In this session, we'll show you how you can unlock new and powerful capabilities with the APIs and SDK, and we'll walk through a use case to show you just how powerful the Alteryx API and SDK can be.

Neil Ryan - Product Manager - Alteryx
Tasha Alfano - Product Manager, Developer Tools - Alteryx




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