Technology Integrations

Big Data Analytics with Hadoop

Tap into Your Big Data Power. No PhD Required.

Big data projects can easily turn into a black box that's hard to get data in, and out of. Alteryx gives organizations the power to access all data inside of their big data environments, combine it with external datasets, enrich it, analyze it or fast track it to data visualization and other targets to get the maximum value out of it. Better yet, there's no code required.


Simplify Access to Your Hadoop and NoSQL Databases

Getting data in and out of your Hadoop and NoSQL databases can be painful, and require technical expertise. That all limits the analytic value. Alteryx provides drag-and-drop connectivity to leading Big Data analytics datastores simplifying the road to data visualization and analysis.

  • Access and load Hadoop environments — Bi-directional integration with Cloudera, Hortonworks and MapR.
  • NoSQL and columnar databases — MongoDB, SAP HANA, Microsoft Analytics Platform System, IBM Netezza, Amazon Redshift, Apache Spark,
  • Hadoop stores — Native input and output tools to access Hadoop stores like HDFS and Hive


Take Big Data Insights Farther, Faster

Your big data is better when it's shared and enriched. Alteryx connects to big data platforms, enabling analysts to prep, blend, transpose or add other disparate data from apps, databases and files, and even enrich it further applying descriptive, predictive and prescriptive metrics.

    • Simplify sharing of Big Data analytics — Directly outputs to Qlik, Microsoft Power BI or Tableau, speed sharing of Hadoop powered insights
    • Restructure and blend big data for better analysis — Alteryx makes manipulating big data result sets like adding in more data for analysis simple, through repeatable visual workflows
    • Take big data results further — Add statistical, spatial and predictive analytics in a simple and intuitive, GUI-based, workflow design environment


    Hadoop Flexibility and Scale without the Code

    Alteryx enables analysts to load data from across the organization into their Hadoop platform, or simply take advantage of Hadoop processing power to perform data blending. And with broad support for a wide range of Hadoop, columnar, NoSQL, relational, cloud and on-premise database, Alteryx workflows will adapt as your analytics landscape changes.

    • Flow data into Hadoop — Load data for in-Hadoop blending from apps, databases and files
    • Future proof your investment — Alteryx will workflows work with ever changing Hadoop standards and technology, so you can focus more on analytics
    • Use the full computing power of Hadoop platform — Create datasets for analysis while avoiding the hassle of moving massive amounts of data