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The Final Piece in Your Analytics Puzzle

Like a universal puzzle piece, the Alteryx Analytics Automation Platform is the key piece of any analytics puzzle. Data science and machine learning. Business intelligence. RPA and bots. Data wrangling. Visualization. You name it, Alteryx integrates seamlessly and is the orchestration engine for analytics automation. Here’s how Alteryx works with other providers.


Snowflake, Alteryx, and Tableau

Alteryx sits at the heart of Snowflake and Tableau (or any visualization or BI tool), helping you get the most from your data. It accelerates data prep and analysis with in-database processing within Snowflake, drag-and-drop data science, plus feeds and fuels your Tableau dashboard. We’ve worked with both to provide an easy-to-use setup process that quickly integrates each with Alteryx. With its no-code, low-code approach and low-friction introduction, Alteryx helps you take advantage of the unique capabilities of each without having to restructure your tech stack.

Learn How To Integrate Alteryx with Snowflake/Tableau

How Alteryx Complements Snowflake and Tableau

  • Ease the access and preparation of datasets you need for analysis
  • Automate the analytics process and enrich insight with advanced analytics and data science
  • Inform decisions and suggest action with predictive and prescriptive models

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AWS, Alteryx, and Data Visualization

Pair AWS with the power of the Alteryx Analytics Automation Platform to provide easy access to data and analytics across cloud, on-prem, and hybrid sources, including seamless integration with Athena, Redshift, and Aurora. This provides business users and analysts with a self-service environment to quickly get insights and drive outcomes directly into BI and visualization dashboards and applications for stakeholders, delivering quick business wins in hours. Alteryx also provides solution templates and Starter Kits for a suite of business cases that can jumpstart your organization’s business outcomes on AWS.

How AWS, Alteryx, and Visualization of Choice Complement Each Other

  • Integrate Alteryx and AWS to support the scale of data, volume of users, and speed of business change common in the modern workplace
  • Explore, identify, and import available data from AWS easily into Alteryx for data enrichment and no-code, low-code analysis and data science
  • Automate analytic processing to drive insights into BI/visualization tools, and provide analytic apps for business leaders and other stakeholders

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Azure, Alteryx, and Power BI

Connect data pipelines, analytics, and visualization together with Azure, Alteryx, and Power BI. Easily deploy and provision within minutes, ensure fault resistance and disaster recovery, and scale analytics as needed. Alteryx enables anyone to answer business-changing questions with their data and apply machine learning and data science with no-code, low-code analytics automation. Create analytic apps for business leaders and knowledge workers to run analysis using their own datasets and selectable inputs.

How Azure, Alteryx, and Power BI Complement Each Other

  • Deploy and provision within minutes, plus easily scale as data needs grow
  • Ensure up-to-date reports and analysis with streaming data through data ingestion and persistence
  • Empower analysts to learn data science with self-service analytics functionality

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RPA and Analytics Automation

Cut down on repetitive data collection and hand-off work and give back time to your analysts to discover insights and drive business outcomes. The Alteryx Analytics Automation Platform integrates with robotic process automation (RPA) capabilities to enable end-to-end process automation spanning bot-driven processes and data-driven processes in Alteryx.

Learn How To Integrate RPA and Alteryx

How RPA and Analytics Automation Complement Each Other

  • Use RPA to automate data collection from sources such as mainframes and legacy systems without APIs, unstructured data in documents, website scraping, OCR, and more
  • Use Alteryx to transform and blend this data with disparate sources, discover insights with low/no-code analytics and data science
  • Automate the importing and exporting of analytic and data science outcomes from Alteryx to trigger actions needing immediate action with RPA

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