Alteryx Integrations


Connect. Control. Collaborate.

Modernize your on-premises and cloud analytics process with robust and secure infrastructure to access and govern your data with ease.


Alteryx has an expansive list of data connectors and our read and writing back data so you can connect to just about any data source and data type.


You can build custom connectors to reach otherwise inaccessible data to extend Alteryx.

Centralized & Controlled

Modify data sources and credentials in one place, also integrates with 3rd party vaults and has been built to be FIPS capable.


Connected for Analytics Automation

Securely connect to a robust set of data . If you can access the data, you can bring it into Alteryx and spend more time analyzing and less time searching.




Included Data Sources & Connectors

  • Over 80 data sources including Google, Amazon, Snowflake and more.
  • A wide range of connectors for ingesting data from enterprise sources—both on-premises and in the cloud—and for publishing data to spreadsheets, BI and reporting tools, RPA bots, notebooks, and more.

Custom Data Connectors Creation with API

  • APIs enable the Alteryx Analytics Automation Platform to inform other systems programmatically.
  • Utilize APIs for building custom connectors to reach otherwise inaccessible data that extends your Alteryx experience.

Alteryx Modernizes and Secures Data Connections for Analytics Automation

  • Centralized management for governance effectiveness.
  • Third party vault integration for enhanced security.

Extract Value in ERP Data with Ease, Security, and Automation

  • Access ERP data securely and efficiently leveraging Alteryx’s SAP and Oracle connectors.
  • Unlock valuable insights buried in your ERP data.

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