The easy interface for your data stack.

The Alteryx AI Platform for Enterprise Analytics provides an accessible analytics interface for users across the enterprise to drive more value from your data and technology investments.


Design a data architecture the business can use.

A modern data stack is only as good as your ability to use it. When you invest in modernizing your data architecture, how do you make sure the business is getting value from it?

The Alteryx AI Platform for Enterprise Analytics is the glue that connects your business users with your data infrastructure. With its deep technology integrations, Alteryx is the easy-to-use interface that allows solvers of all skill sets to better utilize best-in-class technologies like AWS, Databricks, Snowflake, Azure and more.

Simplify the Stack

Access data, transform and analyze, build machine learning models, and deliver automated reports from one single interface that leverages your infrastructure.

Bring the Solvers to the Data

With seamless integrations and pushdown execution options, Alteryx brings business users directly to wherever the data lives, from on-prem databases to cloud data warehouses.

Flexible Deployment Options

We meet you where you’re at. Alteryx has interoperability with the platforms and applications you’re using today and into the future, at any stage of cloud modernization


Optimize Your Technology Investments

Alteryx makes it accessible for your business experts – with or without coding skills – to take advantage of your modernization investments, such as a cloud data warehouse or data lake. Our visual, no-code UI integrates with best-in-class technologies like AWS, Databricks, Snowflake, Azure and more.


Featured Data Stacks:

AWS + Alteryx

Optimize cloud ROI by harnessing the power of AWS with Alteryx.

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Snowflake + Alteryx

The Analytics Cloud meets the Data Cloud in one unified self-service stack.

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Databricks + Alteryx

Accelerate your high-value data goals when you combine the power of the Databricks Lakehouse with the ease of Alteryx.

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Google Cloud + Alteryx

Alteryx and Google make it easier for customers to surface critical insights for decision-makers in a timely manner.

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Transform Data with Pushdown Execution

Execute analytic workflows directly where your data lives, in your data warehouse, data lake or native processing engine. Speed up your runtimes, reduce expensive data movement, and increase user adoption. No coding needed.

  • Use our in-database tools in Designer desktop
  • Choose your execution engine when you run your workflow in Designer Cloud

Flexible Deployment Options

Alteryx offers flexible deployment options based on where you need to build your workflows, and where you need to run them. Whether you’re managing data on-prem, in the cloud, or both, Alteryx can meet you at any stage of modernization.


Modernize and Secure Data Connections with Data Connection Manager

  • Centralized management for governance effectiveness.
  • Third party vault integration for enhanced security.

Your Choice of Data Sources & Connectors

  • Connect to 90+including Google, Amazon, Snowflake and more
  • A wide range of connectors for ingesting data from enterprise sources—both on-premises and in the cloud—and for publishing data to spreadsheets, BI and reporting tools, RPA bots, notebooks, and more.
  • Access ERP data securely and efficiently leveraging Alteryx’s SAP and Oracle connectors.

Build Custom Data Connectors with APIs

  • APIs enable the Alteryx AI Platform for Enterprise Analytics to inform other systems programmatically.
  • Utilize APIs for building custom connectors to reach otherwise inaccessible data that extends your Alteryx experience.

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