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Get your data AI-ready.

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Accelerate Your AI Journey

Accelerate your high-value data goals when you combine the
power of the Databricks Lakehouse with the ease of Alteryx.

Looking to unleash the power of AI? You’re in the right place.
You’ll need two things: a powerful architecture, and an
empowered team.

Databricks unifies data warehousing and AI on a single platform
with its Lakehouse architecture, while Alteryx enables self-service
analytics with an easy-to-use experience.

By making it faster and easier to access and process data, Alteryx
and Databricks empower everyone in your organization to get
your data AI-ready.


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Freedom of Choice

No matter how you’re using Alteryx – whether on Designer Desktop or Designer Cloud – you can leverage the power of cloud with Databricks. Together, Alteryx and Databricks meet you where you’re at.

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Faster Data Processing Speeds

Slow and steady does not win the race when it comes to your AI/ML use cases. Alteryx supports in-database pushdown processing in Databricks, enabling faster runtimes and scalable compute resources.

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Accelerate Your Cloud Journey

Alteryx makes it easier to get your data into the cloud with Databricks, whether moving your data from spreadsheets, on-premises databases or other environments.


Designer Cloud brought an entirely new level of productivity to the way our analyst and IT teams explore diverse data and define analytic requirements.

Ben Sokol, Data Integration Analyst


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One of the biggest challenges with public health data systems is finding the right tools to invest in that can meet us where we are — in both skills and infrastructure.

Francoise Pickart, Senior Epidemiologist

Washington State Department of Health

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Alteryx + Databricks


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