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Analytics Magic: Pick a Dataset, Any Dataset

Strategy   |   Alteryx   |   Jan 26, 2021

You don’t have to have a PhD in data science to create analytics magic. See how to make manual spreadsheet errors disappear, take days long processes down to minutes or seconds, transform data into a gold mine of deeper insights, practically read your customers’ minds, and much, much more. Get ready to become the analytics magician of every company’s dreams.

The Pledge, the Turn, and the Prestige

“You’ve got to take the observer from the ordinary, to the extraordinary, to the astounding.” — Ricky Jay, Sleight of Hand Master

Every great magic trick has three parts to it: the pledge, the turn, and the prestige. The pledge is the first act where the magician shows you something ordinary, such as a deck of cards, a rabbit, or in the case of analytics, data. The next act, the turn, involves transforming that ordinary something into something extraordinary — turning a normal deck of cards into all hearts, making the rabbit disappear, or enriching a dataset with new data to unveil novel insights. Finally, in the last act, the prestige, the magician will do something astounding, like return the deck of cards back to its original state, pull the rabbit out of a hat, or automate custom analytics reports effectively turning raw, unintelligible data into beautiful, easy to interpret insights.

Magically Wrangle Data and Save Time

While an illusionist magician may never reveal his or her secrets, analytic magicians are all about sharing. The secret to going from ordinary data to extraordinary datasets to outstanding insights in less time is all about automation and technology.

Research has shown that analysts spend between 60-80% of their time finding, gathering, and prepping data — which leaves you fewer than four out of every 10 working hours to build models and glean insights. Modern analytics platforms are like magic wands. They help analysts automate the repetitive and tedious process of accessing, blending, cleansing, filtering, and restructuring data from diverse sources — saving them time while minimizing errors, as easy as bibbidi-bobbidi-boo. Once a data wrangling workflow is created, it can be automated, scheduled, and fed into downstream processes to free up analysts’ time to spend on value-added activities.

An IDC Whitepaper
evaluated the extent to which Alteryx Analytic Process Automation was able to help business analyst teams and found that the biggest improvements were seen in collecting and preparing data (45% efficiency gained) and data analysis (38% efficiency gained).


Ta-Da — Enriched Data

Automatically wrangling data is just the beginning. Take the next step towards magical insights by enriching your data. Modern automated analytics platforms enable analysts to easily incorporate location data, demographics, buying behaviors, business insights, and other datasets with your internal data. Adding in relevant data enables analysts to make the most informed business decisions.

Enriched data can help you find new site locations, understand service coverage areas, optimize marketing campaigns, mitigate claims risks, better understand customers, make the most out of ad spend, and so much more. Transform your ordinary analysis to extraordinary by accessing all the important data you need to make essential decisions.

Alteryx has partnerships with leading data providers, including Digital Globe, Dun + Bradstreet, Experian, TomTom, and US Census 2010 to enable more effective analytics for critical decisions.

You Don’t Need a Crystal Ball (or PhD) to Predict the Future

Step into magician status with predictive analytics. Using modern platforms, analysts can apply different kinds of regression analysis, neural networks, decision trees, time series modeling, and more, code free or code friendly. Wow your supervisors by predicting how much customers will spend, making time series forecasts, using A/B analysis to test and see how different price changes affect the bottom line, and more — all without having a background in statistics, coding, or other specialized skills.

Build fast, transparent, and explainable models without needing to be an expert data scientist. With a
visual, step-by-step, guided process, Intelligence Suite speeds creating, validating, and optimizing models for
your use case.

Make 1 + 1 = 3

What’s more magical than sharing? Automated sharing! Analytics platforms let users automatically share and send reports. Once a workflow is created it can become a fully automated machine that cycles through and delivers insights again and again and again. Schedule and share your workflows so that even when you’re on vacation, the analytics keep flowing. With a high rate of sharing across an organization and on-demand insights that can be accessed by a broad range of audiences, you’ll encourage a cultural shift. See analytics knowledge expand and time and cost savings increase.

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