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Announcing Designer Cloud Powered by Trifacta

What's New   |   Paul Warburg   |   Sep 27, 2022

Welcome to Designer Cloud

Notice anything different about Trifacta? If you haven’t already heard, we’re pleased to share that Trifacta is now Designer Cloud! 

Designer Cloud 9.5 introduces a new product name and an updated product look. These small changes provide a glimpse into an exciting future for Trifacta that will bring a variety of new, powerful features you’re sure to love. 


So, what is Designer Cloud? 

In February 2022, Trifacta was acquired by Alteryx. Since then, we’ve been hard at work behind the scenes building something truly extraordinary for our customers. 

Trifacta has long been well-known for providing the world’s most advanced self-service cloud data engineering platform. Our cloud-first focus has allowed us to build an infrastructure that combines infinite scalability with strong data governance and security.  

At the same time, Alteryx has become a household name in the data community. Well known for its best-in-class Analytics Automation Platform, Alteryx has been making data professionals’ lives easier since 1997. 

Our vision is to bring together Trifacta’s cloud-first, enterprise-grade capabilities with Alteryx’s best-in-class workflow and canvas in an enhanced, world-class experience we’re calling Designer Cloud powered by Trifacta.  


Today marks a major step along this journey. 

In Designer Cloud powered by Trifacta 9.5, you will see a new logo as well as a new product look. 

Coming soon, Trifacta users will gain access to an additional interface that brings together elements from the Alteryx Analytics Automation platform to complement the Trifacta experience. Soon, Trifacta users will be able to take advantage of this suite of new, additional capabilities.  

When it arrives, this new combined offering will allow users with Designer expertise the opportunity to leverage many of Designer’s capabilities when building data workflows in the cloud. The combined cloud platform will serve the needs of entire enterprises, from data analytics teams and IT/technology teams to line of business users. 

Rest assured, the Trifacta application isn’t going away. As these new features are added, the Trifacta platform will continue to be developed, and users will have the option to continue using Trifacta as they currently do today. 


An End-to-End Portfolio: The Alteryx Analytics Cloud 

With these changes, Designer Cloud powered by Trifacta is joining the Alteryx Analytics Cloud – a suite of cloud analytics tools that will allow users to accelerate their analytics journey like never before. 

The Alteryx Analytics Cloud includes powerful tools such as Alteryx Machine Learning and Alteryx Auto Insights. As Designer Cloud powered by Trifacta’s development is continued, users will also see emerging integrations across this suite of products, making the Alteryx Analytics Cloud a truly unified, end-to-end analytics platform. 

Ready to get started? Jump into Designer Cloud and take a look around!