Alex Gnibus

Technical Product Marketing Manager, Architecture, Alteryx

As a Technology Solutions Marketing Manager, Alex drives messaging and storytelling for Alteryx’s combined solutions with leading technology vendors. With a background in journalism and experience working with high-growth cloud and analytics companies, Alex is passionate about making technical information accessible so more organizations can benefit from it.

Strategy Nov 29, 2023
A Drivable Data Stack: How Self-Service Analytics Extracts Higher ROI with AWS 
A car can have the most powerful engine on the track, but it doesn’t matter if it is hard to drive.  The same thing goes for your data s...
Technology Nov 22, 2023
What’s Your CIO Archetype? Design a Data Stack that Reflects Your Leadership Style
Every CIO is dealing with unique tradeoffs, which is why it can be helpful to identify which archetype fits you.
What's New Aug 30, 2023
Prepare and Visualize Your Data with Designer Cloud + Looker Studio
Alteryx has launched a new Alteryx Designer Cloud integration with Looker Studio.
Strategy Aug 7, 2023
How to Build a Modern Data Stack That People Can Actually Use
A modern data stack is only as good as your ability to use it, and data stacks today often miss the mark when it comes to usability. Here ar...
What's New Jun 28, 2023
Introducing Snowflake Execution for Desktop
Build in Designer and run workflows natively in Snowflake with Snowpark Container Services.
What's New Jun 27, 2023
New Snowflake Data Cloud Integrations Scale and Accelerate Analytics Capabilities
The Alteryx Analytics Cloud Platform meets the Snowflake Data Cloud in an analytics stack that’s simple, powerful and unified.
What's New Jun 15, 2023
The Alteryx Analytics Cloud Platform Has Entered the Lakehouse
New Alteryx and Databricks integrations make accelerating analytics and AI/ML use cases easier.
What's New Apr 5, 2023
Alteryx + Databricks for Manufacturing: Turn Raw Data into Gold
Empower manufacturing teams to collaborate on the data transformation process by combining Alteryx with the new Databricks Lakehouse for Man...
Strategy Feb 10, 2023
Why Alteryx + Tableau Are the Band Members You Need in Your Data “Supergroup”
Get powerful data visualizations and automated insights with Tableau and Alteryx.
Technology Dec 14, 2022
Why the Cloud Is Like the Gym
Get the most out of cloud with Alteryx, AWS, Azure, and more.
Strategy Nov 7, 2022
‘Tis the Season for Retail Challenges. Here’s How Your Data Strategy Can Help
Retailers can leverage Alteryx with the Snowflake Retail Data Cloud to tackle this year’s holiday headaches.