Melissa Erbes

Mel Erbes formerly edited the INPUT blog at Alteryx.

Strategy Feb 16, 2021
From COVID to Coca-Cola: Analyzing Distribution Models
We consider a different supply chain model that exists on the global commercial level and evaluate its viability as an alternative solution ...
Technology Jan 19, 2021
Top 10 Predictions for Supply Chain in 2021
This past year has proved that nothing is certain in supply chain. Moving forward, those organizations who adopt analytic automation will st...
People Dec 17, 2020
X-Factor: The Power of Adapting + Innovating
What do you get when you connect the ADAPT Program + the Innovator Program? In this special edition X-Factor blog, Jon Feldkamp and Pat Hott...
Strategy Nov 12, 2020
Is Your Organization Finding Itself Data-Rich, but Insight Poor?
IDC interviewed organizations using APA and the results are out. See what customers had to say and how the APA Platform helped them easily c...
People Nov 3, 2020
Become the Citizen Data Scientist of Every Company’s Dreams
Check out these top resources to help you sharpen your data science skills.