Shane Remer

Content Marketing Manager

Shane transforms complex topics into (hopefully) enjoyable stories. When he’s not at Alteryx, he’s usually destroying a fictional character’s life, regretting not packing more water for a hike, or tempting fate in an organized sport.

Strategy Nov 28, 2023
The Top 5 Problems That Can Ruin Trust in Your Data
Boost your decision-making with trustworthy data. Explore the top five reasons for data mistrust and some quick tips to fix them.
Technology Nov 8, 2023
The Top Data and Analytics Trends for 2024 (That Aren’t Generative AI)
We explore the top data and analytics trends for 2024 that aren't related to generative AI, such as data management, data privacy, AI/ML app...
Strategy Oct 30, 2023
What is Data Democratization?
Data democratization is the continuous process of enabling knowledge workers within an organization to understand, analyze, discuss, and use...
Technology Sep 6, 2023
The Predictive Analytics Dip: Are Companies Losing Faith or Shifting Strategies?
People who reported using predictive analytics dropped. Meanwhile, people who reported using advanced prescriptive analytics climbed.
What's New Aug 24, 2023
Scale Processing Resources with Alteryx and Pushdown Processing
With the Alteryx Analytics Cloud Platform, you can use pushdown processing for every step of the analytics journey.
Technology May 22, 2023
Drive Value, Build Confidence: Why Leaders Are the Secret Sauce of Analytics Maturity
The data from the Alteryx Analytics Maturity Assessment shows the clear connection between the emphasis leaders place on data and analytics ...
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