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SparkED Monthly Roundup: December 2022

People   |   Jennifer Miller   |   Dec 13, 2022

Analytics skills are no longer reserved for a few data-focused jobs or companies. They are in high demand and relevant for every industry and team.


SparkED is a no-cost modern analytics education program from Alteryx that addresses this need by building the talent pipeline and expanding the ecosystem of individuals who know how to question, understand, and solve with data. Our program is currently available at more than 850 educational institutions in 47 countries.


Every month, we highlight SparkED stories that reveal the robust nature of the program, as well as its broad impact across higher education globally. This month, we’re featuring a podcast from one of our own thought leaders and two case studies from Canada and San Diego.


See how they share a common theme: preparing future workers with the data analytics skills employers eagerly seek. 


Podcast: “Laying the Foundation for Careers in Data Analytics” with Ian Wiggins from the Alteryx SparkED team.

Ian Wiggins


Hear from an analytics expert about the importance of providing data literacy and analytics to academic students and independent learners everywhere. Don’t miss out on one of the latest episodes in our Alter.Everything podcast series!


“Data analytics is everything from an HR satisfaction survey to your supply chain and how much inventory you need to keep in your store. It’s no longer reserved for hardcore numbers for accounting and finance.”

-Ian Wiggins, Manager of Curriculum Development, Alteryx SparkED


Student Impact

Romina Arrieta


Romina Arrieta, a graduate student from McGill University and Concordia University in Montreal, shares in her own words how her adventurous learning pathway led to a successful career in data analytics with Dollarama. She defines how analytics roles have evolved dramatically in recent years to become more creative, collaborative, and pivotal for making key business decisions. Read on here. 


“So be like Sherlock Holmes, discovering insights, reverse engineering, and solving problems. Accelerate the upward movement of your career. You’ll be a highly valued collaborator, even across teams, trusted with much more than you were originally hired to do. What better way to exceed expectations?”
-Romina Arrieta, Dollarama, Canada


Educator Impact

Richard Fox


Richard Fox, a SparkED instructor at San Diego State University, teaches Alteryx Designer to students in the master’s program at the School of Hospitality & Tourism Management to empower more successful career outcomes. His students already know about the growing need for data analytics in their future field, such as acquiring key insights from customers, vendors, events, and trends in travel, all in a nimble, fast-paced environment. Read on here. 


“In today’s business world, we no longer have the luxury of taking days to crunch data. The costs of delays are too high. The accelerated pace of business makes agility essential to stay competitive, avoid lost revenue, decrease expenses, and capture growth opportunities.”
-Richard Fox, San Diego State University instructor, California


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