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The Limitations of Modern BI

Time Intensive

Building, maintaining, and customizing dashboards consumes valuable time.

Show What, Not Why

Dashboards summarize what happened but struggle to articulate why results occurred.

Require Scarce Talent

Good Analysts are in short supply. Great analysts are overcommitted.


Unlock Value in Minutes

Get more value from the data pipelines you’ve already built for BI & Reporting tools like Tableau and PowerBI.
Follow these simple steps to get up and running in minutes.

Get Your Free Trial

Get full access to Auto Insights through the Alteryx Analytics Cloud Platform Free Trial.

Connect Auto Insights

Drag and drop the Auto Insights Uploader Tool onto an existing Designer Desktop Workflow canvas and connect to an existing BI workflow.

See Results in Minutes

Leverage a Mission Template in Auto Insights to see your data come to life in minutes with intuitive visualizations and data stories for anyone.


Activate Free Trial

Activate the Analytics Cloud Platform Trial and get instant access to Auto Insights and other Alteryx Cloud Products.


Understand Your Metrics

Connect the Auto Insights Uploader Tool in Designer.

Designer Version 2021.2 – 2022.2? Download the tool from the Alteryx Marketplace here

Running Designer Version 2022.3+ or later? Follow Simple Instructions here


See Results in Minutes

Run your Workflow. See your results in Minutes.

Use the insights gained from analysis to inform business decisions and turn your data into effective actions that deliver on key metrics.


Get The Starter Kit​

Looking for an easy starting point? Give Auto Insights a try with this sample dataset.


From a productivity standpoint, you’re looking at what would normally take, on average, 40-80 hours at minimum to develop an “Insight.” With Auto Insights, the time to insight occurs in minutes or hours – it’s less than one day of work. So, five days of work compressed into one day – that’s what I’ve seen.

Nathan Patrick Taylor, CIO

Symphony Health

Customer Story

With Alteryx Auto Insights, I was able to get insights within minutes

Amos McKegg, Sr Data & Applied Scientist



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