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Dive Deeper into Cloud Dataprep by Trifacta and How it Accelerates Analytics

As a company dedicated to partnering with businesses on their analytics journey, SpringML knows exactly which tools can accelerate progress and solve complex data problems. One such technology is Google Cloud Dataprep by Trifacta, a cloud data preparation service on Google Cloud Platform (GCP).
Join Google Cloud, SpringML, Trifacta, and Carahsoft to learn how Cloud Dataprep allows users to explore, clean, and prepare data for analysis and machine learning through an intelligent and visual interface – no coding required. Cloud Dataprep has become a frontrunner in SpringML’s arsenal of analytics technologies. Eric Clark, a program manager at SpringML, says “it’s one of those tools I wish I had a long time ago; everyone I show it to is impressed.”
In this webinar, Eric Clark joins Trifacta to discuss how the service is used across many clients and how you use Cloud Dataprep in your own organization.
During this session, you will learn how Cloud Dataprep allows you to:
  • Quickly understand, clean, standardize, and enrich data
  • Build data pipelines that move data from various sources into BigQuery
  • Collaborate on and share data preparation recipes with colleagues
  • Automate and schedule data preparation jobs