Getting Started with Trifacta Wrangler

Here is a webinar recording we made demoing the features of Wrangler, our free desktop edition. Wrangler helps users blend, clean, and prepare their data for further analysis. You can also skip ahead to different topics by clicking the links below (note that you will be taken to YouTube to watch the video):

1:05 Create a Flow

1:40 Add datasets

3:30 Add recipes

4:00 Enter Transformation Grid

5:45 Cleaning discount column

7:45 Filling in missing values

9:10 Creating a calculated field

10:15 Applying a condition

11:55 What is a recipe?

12:40 Adding a Union

15:50 Performing a Join

18:00 Date formatting

21:05 Extracting a year

21:50 Aggregation

23:55 Generating Output