When It’s Prime Time for a Reboot

How Nielsen Recreated a BI Platform in 90 Days

If you’ve heard of TV ratings, you’ve heard of Nielsen. Nielsen is the authority on which shows audiences love, from cable TV to streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu.

Nielsen is a data company at heart. They understand the importance of quality data. So when Nielsen’s legacy BI platform was sputtering out, they knew it was prime time for a reboot.

When it comes to TV shows, a reboot doesn’t always improve on the original. But in BI, a reboot means faster insights and improved collaboration. Nielsen made a successful reboot happen in a matter of three months using Alteryx and technologies like AWS.

In this webinar, learn more about how Nielsen took on the herculean task of overhauling its BI practically overnight. We’ll share best practices including:

  • How Nielsen was able to pull off a project that originally (ten years ago) took over a year to create with a team of 12, to less than 3 months with a team of 3.
  • Why Nielsen uses AWS with Alteryx to execute ambitious challenges in the cloud
  • What it’s like to “keep the lights on” while undergoing a rapid transformation

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