AWS + Snowflake + Alteryx AI Platform for Enterprise Analytics

Technical Guide

As organizations modernize their data architecture, they’re also under pressure to show value from that technology investment. And many aren’t seeing the ROI they expect.

More than 55% of software licenses go unused. Most companies fall below 30 percent on cloud resource utilization—and, in some cases, below 10 percent. 93% of organizations have underutilized analytics skills.

How is this happening when the technologies to handle data have never been better? What goes wrong when a business migrates to cloud, adopts a data warehouse, or implements a new machine learning tool, only to see wasted time and money?

Two culprits: Disjointed Tools and Inaccessible Systems. To solve these challenges, organizations are looking for a new approach: a unified data architecture.

Download this technical guide to learn how you can create a data architecture with AWS, Snowflake and the Alteryx AI Platform for Enterprise Analytics that meets your IT needs at any stage of modernization, while empowering business users.


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