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2021 Alteryx Podcast Wrap-up

People   |   Maddie Johannsen   |   Jan 18, 2022

If you missed out on our podcasts, Alter Everything and Data Science Mixer in 2021, don’t worry. We’ve got your back.
In this special crossover episode, hosts Maddie Johannsen and Susan Currie Sivek relive some of their favorite standout moments and special guests. Grab your favorite beverage, and listen in on their quick wrap up of 2021!

10 things you’ll learn by tuning in:

  1. Data Science Mixer was originally called “Top Shelf Data Science”. Find out why it was (ahem) NSFW and changed immediately to Data Science Mixer after its launch.
  2. A recurring theme on the show was “What’s your alternate hypothesis?” Susan shares what hers is on data science and being a podcaster.
  3. Excellence Award winner “Andy Alteryx” Bates shares how the Alteryx Weekly Challenges inspired him to start his own “Brookson Bespoke” weekly challenges at Brookson.
  4. Vukosi Marivate shares his work in NLP with low-resource African languages, and getting them into more data spaces.
  5. We got down and dirty with “Data in the Sandbox”, a bonus series that breaks down data science for beginners. Learn how algorithms impact what you’ll watch next on Netflix.
  6. Speaking of Netflix … we spoke with Dan Schneider, the main subject from the Netflix docuseries The Pharmacist, who has worked to fight the opioid epidemic. He shares his thoughts on three types of people in the world: “You got people that make things happen, and you got people that watch what happened, and then you got people that say, ‘What the hell happened?’” and encourages us all to be the change that makes a difference.
  7. GOOOOOAL! Tune in for some European Football, xG models and other metrics in sport and their relevance in business.
  8. Get extra bonus video footage of data viz expert Alberto Cairo, who really hits home the notion that visualization is not about simplification, it’s about clarification.
  9. Oh, the horror! Mathias Clasen gives his take on horror movies and measuring fear and resilience through quantification.
  10. Danielle Lyles shares her perspective on using data science in higher education to encourage inclusivity.


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