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Democratized Spatial Analytics

Location Intelligence in the Cloud

Alteryx Location Intelligence enables everyone to make intelligent, scalable location-based decisions using a unified, map-based, enterprise-grade solution for creating geospatial based insights.

Unleash Location Based Insights

Powerful Insight

Solves your toughest cross-functional business problems with easy-to-use and powerful spatial insights

Location Based

Discovers hidden location-based signals and insights to build operational and organizational resiliency

Easy to Use

Delivers easy-to-use geospatial analysis capabilities to each persona and fosters collaboration across teams in support of business initiatives

The Power of Cloud

Connect to a wide range of cloud based geospatial data across your organization

Speed to Insight

Accelerate geospatial capability with an easy- to- use map centered interface for working with spatial data and adding layers for analysis.


Adapt to evolving business needs with simplified, flexible licensing, and packaging


Map Based Interface

  • Map centered canvas and intuitive ability to add layers
  • Easy-to-use, cloud-based spatial analysis that enriches with location-based intelligence
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Connected Data

  • Cloud-based, native spatial analysis capability that’s easy to use.
  • Seamless enrichment of business insights with location-based intelligence
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Interactive Layers

  • Surface hidden insights by applying multiple layers, maps, and geo-coded data
  • Ability to leverage location-based intelligence to accelerate outcomes across multiple use cases.
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