Chris Lal

Chief Legal Officer

Chris Lal is chief legal officer of Alteryx, responsible for all legal affairs, including intellectual property, licensing, contract negotiations, privacy, compliance, and corporate governance. Chris has over 20 years of experience as a corporate, transactions, and securities attorney representing both public and private companies in various phases of development and growth.

Technology Apr 4, 2024
Releasing and Implementing Our Responsible AI Principles
We are not just in the business of building advanced tech; we are committed to shaping a brighter future by addressing the world's most pres...
What's New Jul 14, 2023
How Alteryx is Working with Governments to Foster Ethical and Transparent AI
Alteryx is supporting governments around the world in their efforts to understand AI and create sensible AI policy frameworks.
What's New Jun 28, 2023
Alteryx Endorses the Data Science and Literacy Act to Close the Data Skills Gap
Alteryx is endorsing this legislation and joining members of Congress to promote data skills at all levels of education.