Mel Erbes

INPUT Editor

Mel Erbes formerly edited the INPUT blog at Alteryx.

What's New Nov 9, 2022
Top 5 Inspire EMEA Sessions to Catch On Demand
Relax, kick back, and get ready to enjoy Inspire EMEA On-Demand.
People Oct 8, 2020
The Importance of Data
From clay tablets to self-service analytics, we take a look at the importance (and evolution) of data.  
Strategy Oct 8, 2020
Pandemic Pantry Panic: Battle for Your Share of the Shelf
COVID-19 has turned the grocery industry on its head — changing how, what, and where consumers shop. See how grocers can harness the power...
Strategy Sep 21, 2020
On Solving Real Business Challenges With Analytics
Manual, mundane, time-intensive tasks with siloed approaches and no single version of the truth — sound familiar? Hear how Dave Elliott,...
Technology Sep 15, 2020
Let’s #AlteryxChat – ACE Edition
In August, Alteryx hosted its first Twitter chat featuring the Alteryx ACEs. Here, we've recreated the chat so you can relive the experience...
Technology Aug 20, 2020
Analytics Contributions Over Connections
Data enthusiast and Alteryx newbie Lien Dang shares her story of job searching in hopes of inspiring others … and provides a speci...
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