Como se tornar um Analytics Champion: a mentalidade dos melhores solucionadores de problemas do mundo

Novidades   |   Jeff Massamillo   |   18 de outubro de 2023

“I know my career is going to go somewhere crazy soon.”  

This is a direct quote I heard recently from an ambitious business consultant at a well-known global telecommunications company.  We were seeking feedback from her, as we often do with customers, and she was reflecting on what it meant for her company and her career that she had worked to become an expert in analytics automation. It helped her drive efficiencies and scale her organization’s ability to make interesting discoveries in data. As she taught others how to do the same, it put her in the position of innovator and coach.

She made a difference, and she was noticed.

This is the mindset that defines the leaders and employees who succeed in the context of a turbulent economy: they are singularly focused on delivering value for their organizations, their teams and, ultimately, their customers.

To us, they are Analytics Champions. And to everyone who sees themselves in this description: We see you.

The mind of an analyst, the heart of a champion

This is the time for Analytics Champions to shine. It’s their chance to play a part in the decisions that will propel their organizations forward — and secure its future.

Their superpower is their ability to distill the unique insights from data that are needed now, more than ever. And when they find ways to accelerate those insights to share them at the right time with the right people, they can help their companies save time, shift strategy, cut costs, and grab market share.

They often consider themselves the guardians of data quality — because they know that without quality, they can’t trust their insights. And insights without trust are catalysts for chaos. Doubt in data opens the door, just enough, for decisions to be made based on instinct instead of facts. And Analytics Champions are allergic to “gut feelings.”

Analytics Champions aren’t afraid of AI, they embrace its possibilities. In fact, in the time it takes to say, “AI will replace us,” they’ve used it to make themselves irreplaceable.

They believe that transformation is everyone’s job, not just the C-suite’s. They seek out self-service solutions that are easy to use, and they lead the charge to teach others — so when inspiration strikes, everyone’s ready for action.

Business impact is their north star. Data is their compass. And because they trust their data, they don’t fear the future. In fact, they’ve already modeled it.

From Analytics Champion to Maveryx

Everyone has the potential to become an Analytics Champion — anyone who has the desire to contribute to the future of their organization by learning the critical skills of our time in data, analytics, and AI.

The best part is that it’s not a solitary endeavor: At Alteryx, we consider our Maveryx community to be the home of the Analytics Champion — a place where Alteryx customers and partners looking to modernize and expand their analytics skills can find the support and experience of fellow learners and experts.

I invite you to learn more about the Analytics Champion and follow along over the coming months as we reveal the critical components of this very important role. Perhaps you’ll see a bit of yourself in Ana the Analytics Champion as she tackles the challenges around trust, empowerment, governance, and AI. She’ll share secrets for transforming both your skills and your career with analytics — and reveal a world of possibilities through the power of analytics and the spirit of community. Maybe your career will go somewhere “crazy” too.

You can start your journey by registering for our virtual event happening on November 9, The Path to Becoming an Analytics Champion. See you there.