Prepare and Visualize Your Data with Designer Cloud + Looker Studio

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Alex Gnibus   |   Aug 30, 2023

Alteryx has launched a new Alteryx Designer Cloud integration with Looker Studio, currently in private preview. A free version of Designer Cloud will be natively integrated with Looker Studio, which means it just got easier to get from data source to dashboard.

Aggregating data across disparate sources and preparing clean, quality data for analysis has long been a challenge for organizations. The AI boom is making this issue even more relevant, as the data quality directly impacts the quality of the resulting models and insights. It’s important now more than ever to ensure business users have a seamless, code-free process to prepare quality data.

The solution: transform and visualize data in one smooth process

The new Designer Cloud integration with Looker Studio will make connecting to new data sources easy, joining and changing data and creating visualizations from the same platform, improving efficiency, usability, and data quality.

Looker Studio customers can access Designer Cloud from within Looker Studio. They can now access a subset of Designer Cloud’s connectors, including Excel, the top requested connector by Looker Studio users. If data quality issues arise, these can be resolved instantly in Designer Cloud using its AI-powered no-code/low-code capabilities to prep, blend, and transform data.

After you connect to and prepare your data in Designer Cloud, the data will be available in Looker Studio for analysis and visualization.

What does this look like in action?

1. Click from Looker, and use SSO to connect to Designer Cloud / AAC.

2. Connect to your data

3. Prepare your data quickly with 50+ no-code data transformation tools

4. Send the output to Looker Studio


Here are some other benefits of the new integration:

  • Connectivity to data: Designer Cloud provides enhanced connectivity to several new and existing data sources. We’re starting with connectors like Excel, Google Sheets, SharePoint, and OneDrive.
  • No-code data transformation workflows: Quickly transform data using 50+ no-code data transformation tools. Create workflows to automatically run transformations on fresh data and see updates in your Looker Studio reports.
  • Efficient self-service analytics with a unified UI: This partnership empowers business users to prep their data while building dashboards in Looker Studio, allowing them to own the data journey from start to finish.
  • Improved time to value: The entire stack is available to try at no cost through Designer Cloud’s limited free version. Users can upgrade to the full version of Designer Cloud to run frequent data preparation workloads, use larger file sizes, and access additional connectors.

The new Looker Studio + Designer Cloud integration streamlines data connectivity and preparation for a simplified and efficient data visualization experience on reliable and trusted data.

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