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Better Health Benefits Administration with Less Effort

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Overview of Use Case

Alight Solutions it's a health and wealth solutions and benefit administrator. They serve over 3,000 clients in nearly 50% of the Fortune 500 companies providing different analytics solutions. Alteryx unlocked the power of their data to deliver services with improved quality and reduced effort while enhancing the team's ability to provide value added solutions and insights. With their Alteryx solution Alight saved 400 hours in a payroll conversion reconciliation process, by allowing automation to validate one million payroll deductions, transforming a multi-week review process for health and insurance plans into a single-day review.

Describe the business challenge or problem you needed to solve

When you enroll in your annual benefits each year, we may be the back end that's capturing and sharing that information with the carriers. What we have is an internal system. It's a DB2 database and I was pulling in information to crunch it with Excel and Access database. We need to verify millions and millions of transactions that we get every day that impact participants' lives. Whether it's their paycheck or their health coverage. It's very important that every one of those transactions is correct, because it does impact the person at the end of the day. It's going to impact their coverage and their pay. Our objective is to reduce effort and increase confidence in complex calculations to enable the team to focus the project resources on value added solutions for our clients.

Total Benefits Administration (TBA) Platform

  • Platform designed to help our clients and their people navigate the complexities of their employer sponsored health and wealth benefits
  • Multi-Instance deployment (around 200 instances)
  • Common architecture across all instances
  • Isolated environments
  • High level of customization based on client specific requirements

Describe your working solution


To grow your user base, you must focus on training and developing a group of Alteryx ambassadors. These users would help spread the capability through the organization. These ambassadors could be from any role and area of the business but should have a perspective on how to use the capability to solve business problems.

  • When we started 96% of our user base had no experience with Alteryx
  • One on one trainings with real work examples and sample workflows tailored to our environment were very successful
  • Demos: Asking users to try something new is more effective when they see results first-hand
  • Make solutions mandatory or the only option will grow adoption!
  • Eliminate barriers: we created Custom Macros to give access to data to our users
    • SQL macro – Run multiple queries against TBA system with one tool
    • FTP macro – Pull vendor files into Alteryx
      • Transformed a process that typically took 5-10 min to 30 seconds


Objective Statement: Complete 100% validation while reducing effort


  • Alteryx enabled 1 user to automate pricing validations and increasing speed to deliver. Improving accuracy while reducing effort. The rate structure is on the highly complex with over 50 variances in pricing formulas to account for
  • 8 hours to review and iterate on results vs. hundreds of hours of manual review and inspection both internally and externally



  • Increase the quality of the payroll processing
  • Establish a payroll compare process between Alight and the payroll provider

Validation includes:

  • Arrears
  • Large deductions split over multiple pay checks
  • Pay frequency changes

Solution: Created an inbound payroll actuals response file and using custom FTP macro built a repeatable H&I deduction compare process

Describe the benefits you have achieved

  • PATIENT ZERO: 600 hours saved annually and 100% coverage
  • PAYROLL VALIDATION IMPROVEMENT: 1m + Payroll deductions validated and 100% coverage
  • Demand for custom reporting (high effort and long lead times)
  • Errors by improved inspection
  • Demand for manual inspection
  • Risk of process failure due to knowledge transfer
  • Time waiting for insights due to handoffs
  • Self-service reporting and analytic capability
  • Ability to offer insightful observations and supporting solutions
  • Control and confidence in our services
  • Ability to focus on analysis rather than requesting and waiting for data
  • Refined outputs
  • Speed to deliver

By Brian Davis and Grant Jollands, Director and Senior Practice Manager, Alight Solutions

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