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Alteryx Location Intelligence

Location Intelligence in the Cloud

Alteryx Location Intelligence enables everyone to make intelligent, scalable location-based decisions using a unified, map-based, enterprise-grade solution for creating geospatial based insights.

Unleash Location Based Insights

Powerful Insight

Solves your toughest cross-functional business problems with easy-to-use and powerful spatial insights.

Location Based

Discovers hidden location-based signals and insights to build operational and organizational resiliency.

Easy to Use

Delivers easy-to-use geospatial analysis capabilities to each persona and fosters collaboration across teams in support of business initiatives.

The Power of Cloud

Connect to a wide range of cloud based geospatial data across your organization.

Speed to Insight

Accelerate geospatial capability with an easy- to- use map centered interface for working with spatial data and adding layers for analysis.


Adapt to evolving business needs with simplified, flexible licensing, and packaging.


Map Based Interface

  • Map centered canvas and intuitive ability to add layers
  • Easy-to-use, cloud-based spatial analysis that enriches with location-based intelligence

Connected Data

  • Cloud-based, native spatial analysis capability that’s easy to use
  • Seamless enrichment of business insights with location-based intelligence

Interactive Layers

  • Surface hidden insights by applying multiple layers, maps, and geo-coded data
  • Ability to leverage location-based intelligence to accelerate outcomes across multiple use cases

We realized very quickly that Alteryx was an enabling, flexible platform that would not limit us in the future. It would actually allow us to continue to grow the programs over time and add additional data projects later.

Stephanie Studds, Chief of the Economic Indicator Division

US Census Bureau

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It has been an amazing transition for my team to start using; to go from manual, tedious, cumbersome processes where we still didn't have insight into the data to a world where we have self-service analytics.

Daimler Trucks North America

Dawn Rinehart, Total Cost of Ownership Manager

Daimler Trucks North America

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What I love most about Alteryx is the ease of use. The ability to be able to blend data in very quick way but actually visualize the whole process at one go so I know exactly what’s happening


Ross Whaley, Chief Analytics Officer & Partner


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