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Use Case

Royalty Calculation Automation


Royalties accrue when you connect your customers to capabilities and property from another provider. Calculating royalties owed can be a time-consuming and error-prone process. Accelerate royalty calculation by creating an automated workflow that can calculate royalties at the level of the individual user.

Bottom-Line Returns

Eliminate errors that result in overpayments and reduce the risk that missed royalties will have to be paid later

Efficiency Gains

Spend less time on routine royalty calculations and more time on higher-value projects

Risk Reduction

Greatly reduce errors by calculating royalty payments at the transactional level, not as estimates

Business Problem

Extending your platform with royalty-bearing capabilities from other companies attracts new customers and helps retain existing ones. But the higher your volume of royalty-bearing transactions, the more time you must spend consolidating telemetry and calculating the amounts due. And, unless you have a reliable method of gathering usage metrics, the process can be fraught with error.

Analytics Solution

End-to-end analytics are the key to eliminating errors and automating the process of royalty calculation. Create a workflow that records every instance of your customers using another company’s capabilities and that calculates the total amount owed. By combining detailed telemetry data with a transparent calculation process, you can process payments automatically and generate reports that document the amount paid and the telemetry.

With Alteryx, you can:

  • Automatically record each time your customers use a partner’s capabilities at the transactional level
  • Aggregate the telemetry data to calculate the royalties you owe each week, month or quarter
  • Generate reports showing amounts due for using another company’s product and prove to your partners the value of combining your products

Data Products Royalty Calculation Designer Workflow

1 – Data Access

Allow users to select royalty period from a drop-down menu

2 – Automated Analytics

Retrieve relevant account data based on user’s selection

3 – Custom Parameters

Filter and calculate the amount owed according to business rules and contract terms

4 – Data Communication

Generate a detailed report showing royalties owed


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