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Digital Transformation and the Data Trap

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As enterprises work through their digital transformation initiatives, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the consequences of these projects run far deeper than digital technology alone

As digital transformation redefines the way we work, it inevitably drives up digital data volumes and, for the unwary CFO, this has profound implications for data management, organization, and skills development.

It is thought that most organizations use only 5% of the data available to them, and with data volumes doubling every year, this is widening the gap between data, understanding and insight. According to FSN’s research, only 19% of finance functions consider themselves to be data-masters.

So the key question is what can the finance function learn from early digital transformation projects and what are the pre-requisites for success?

In this 30-minute webinar Gary Simon, Chief Executive, FSN, will interview Jet Lali, Chief Digital Officer at State Street Global Advisors, an asset management company with more than $3.7 Trillion in assets, which makes them the third largest asset manager in the world. Jet will be sharing how he is using Alteryx to manage this vast digital transformation project involving 1.5 billion data points daily, to deliver better predictive analytics and decision-making.



Meet our Speakers

Gary Simon

Chief Executive FSN and leader of the Modern Finance Forum on LinkedIn

Jet Lali

Chief Digital Officer at State Street Global Advisors


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