How to Automate your Cloud Data Warehouse

Every organization is a new data challenge. Do you start with a strategy of front-end data analysis to guide your priorities or use data on the backend to track past performance? How do you provide a repeatable, scalable, and accurate automated data analytics pipeline? How do you turn non-technical savvy business professionals into data-led individuals?

In this latest Data Science Central webinar, you’ll hear from analytics veterans on how their teams design integrated modern data stacks in the cloud and turn high volumes of unfamiliar data with varying levels of quality and format into an automated and accurate data pipeline for a Cloud Data Warehouse. This automation saves analytics teams hours of work and drives measurable and expected data-led business benefits.

You will:

  • Understand how proactive data exploration informs business priorities
  • Hear various data horror stories organizations face with data disparity, messy data, inconsistent data, etc.
  • Learn what it takes to empower non-technical analysts to turn messy data into pristine insights
  • Understand what a streamlined integration solution option (such as Google Cloud analytics) would look like for your cloud data warehouse
  • Learn new ways to prepare and clean dozens of sources and millions of rows of raw data


  • Bertrand Cariou, Sr. Director Product – Trifacta
  • Zack Pike, VP Data Strategy & Marketing Analytics – Callahan Agency

Hosted by:

  • Sean Welch, Host and Producer – Data Science Central