On-Demand Webinar

Tackle Tax Data Complexity by Leveraging Alteryx and ONESOURCE

The volume and diversity of tax data, coupled with evolving tax laws and regulations, make it critical for tax departments to leverage advanced analytics solutions.

That’s what WESCO did in partnership with Alteryx and Thomson Reuters to standardize tax prep, simplify compliance and improve the quality of data analysis.

Watch this webinar featuring WESCO, Thomson Reuters and Alteryx to learn:

  • How to stay ahead of tax complexities, mitigate risks and optimize tax positions
  • Solutions for building repeatable and scalable data workflows that reduce manual work and improve efficiency
  • Real-world examples of how WESCO is using advanced technologies to automate tax processes, centralize data and reduce risk.

Don’t miss this opportunity to discover how WESCO leverages the power of Thomson Reuters and Alteryx to contribute to growth in a complex tax landscape.



Meet our Speakers

Jessica Ponzo

Manager of Tax Technology at WESCO

Kelley Lear

VP, Partnerships & Alliances at Thomson Reuters

Sharon Martin

Vice President, Sales Engineering


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