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On-Demand Webinar

Data Analytics for Supply Chain Success with Clariant

How data analytics revolutionize supply chain management from data preparation to predictive modelling

In a business environment increasingly disrupted by supply and demand challenges, the role of data analytics in global supply chains has never been more crucial.


Join us for a one-of-a-kind webinar where George Berkhof, Global Supply Chain Performance Manager at Clariant, will shed light on the transformative impact of data analytics in supply chain management. Using real-world examples, George will demonstrate how Clariant utilizes Alteryx for sophisticated data preparation and applicable predictive modeling—all on one platform.


This session aims to provide valuable insights for Supply Chain Managers, Data Analysts, professionals in the industry, and business leaders interested in understanding how data can be utilized in supply chain processes.


Watch now to gain insights into data-driven supply chain practices.


Meet Our Speakers

George Berkhof

Global Supply Chain Performance Manager, Clariant International Ltd

Jochen Kohlert

Account Executive, Alteryx

Dr. Quan Vuong

Senior Solution Engineer, Alteryx


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