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Alteryx for State and Local Government Financial Organizations

Drive efficiency and accuracy for Audit, Tax, FP&A, Accounting, and Treasury.


For decades, State, Regional and Local Government Financial Organizations such as Audit, Tax, Budgeting, Accounting, and Treasury have used digital desktop-based tools such as spreadsheets to manage their operations. But these tools are manual, error prone and don’t handle complex financial analysis easily. Get the agility you require to handle the dynamic needs of government financial analysis with Alteryx.

In this brief you will learn how Alteryx can:

  • Improve the efficiency, transparency, and accuracy of analysis across the organization
  • Deliver unified analytics, from prep and blend to advanced analytics, including geospatial, predictive, and machine learning
  • Empowers organizations to build a culture of data science and analytics across departments and skillsets
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Fight Fraud, Waste, and Abuse with Analytics Automation

Learn how you can use analytics automation to highlight potential fraud by quickly analyzing massive volumes of messy data from multiple sources.

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How to Democratize Analytics

Learn about the challenges to democratization, what you need to do to successfully democratize, and the ROI companies have seen from following these steps.

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Quatro etapas para acelerar a transformação analítica: segunda etapa

Descubra como desenvolver o segundo passo rumo à transformação analítica. Saiba como ampliar a motivação e criar entusiasmo em torno da mudança.

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