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About our Alliance

Alteryx is designed with Google Cloud in mind.
With a partnership that goes back to 2017,
Google Cloud and Alteryx make it easy to leverage
cloud for smarter self-service analytics across
the organization.

Two Intuitive Platforms In One Data Stack

Dataprep has its DNA in Google. Developed in collaboration with Google, Dataprep has been a part of Google Cloud since 2017. And just as Google was designed to be a more intuitive, user-friendly cloud platform, Alteryx built Dataprep to be accessible for all. Combine both for a self-service, Google-native experience from end to end.

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Smarter Analytics Solutions

Google and Alteryx both use the latest AI technology to power your data analytics goals. Employees of all roles – with and without coding skills – can connect Alteryx with BigQuery to execute advanced analytics workflows, from prep-and-blend transformations to machine learning models.


Drive Productivity with Pushdown Processing

Dataprep supports in-database pushdown processing with Google BigQuery. Process large volumes of data directly in BigQuery, utilizing Google’s compute resources and speeding up workflows. You don’t need to move data out of BigQuery – just transform it then and there using Dataprep’s intuitive interface.


“We can update daily—it’s allowed us to reduce that time-to-insight as far as making changes. Because as you know, the product hierarchy needs to be updated daily. We have new items coming in and new changes to items, and, through this process, we can allow this to happen in a rapid way. … We don’t have to rely heavily on any technical staff to make this happen.”

Kevin Schaefer, Sr. Data Engineer


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“The beauty of Google Cloud Dataprep is that it’s very easy to use. We have people that don’t know how to write a line of SQL who are able to prep data at a pretty large scale, all because the interface is so easy to use.”

James Wilcox, Managing Partner


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“Our cloud data lake strategy on Google Cloud is foundational to define and defend our competitive advantage in a saturated marketplace. We chose Google Cloud Dataprep because of its data preparation platform that fully integrates with Google Cloud. Google Cloud Dataprep's solution enables us to alleviate bottlenecks in our data pipelines. The Google Cloud Dataprep offering combines the technological solution and the right level of customer support and guidance we were looking for.”

Nir Kushnir, VP of Strategy & Partnerships


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