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How Generative AI and Governance Help Scale Enterprise Analytics

What's New   |   Suresh Vittal   |   Oct 5, 2023

Over the last year, we have had the opportunity to meet our customers and partners in person at our Inspire user conferences in Las Vegas, Sydney, Tokyo, and London. At the heart of Inspire is introducing innovative Alteryx products, all focused on transforming how businesses approach data-driven decision-making. Today, we announced new pioneering Generative AI advancements, the introduction of Alteryx Marketplace, and improvements to Alteryx Designer and Server, focusing on enterprise readiness and enhanced connectivity.

Supercharging Analytics with Generative AI

Generative AI first took center stage at Inspire in Las Vegas, strongly emphasizing further improving data democratization and collaboration across the enterprise. As we continue to infuse AI into the Alteryx Analytics Cloud Platform, we are introducing three new Alteryx AiDIN features: Alteryx AI Studio, Playbooks, and AI-powered Brushing. Let’s double-click a bit into each.

  • Alteryx AI Studio offers Alteryx analysts the benefits of securely creating a customized large language model (LLM) based on your organization’s proprietary data. Its seamless integration with Alteryx Designer streamlines the path from data analytics to insights powered by Generative AI personalized for your organization. For one example, Analysts can create chat-based applications that arm support personnel with top response information to customers. Securely hosting the LLM within Alteryx ensures data security and compliance, granting users complete control over the LLM’s lifecycle.


  • Playbooks, a new feature for Alteryx Auto Insights, will streamline analytics use case selection and accelerate proof-of-concept development. Playbooks automatically recommends high-value use cases tailored to your industry vertical, job function, or company, allowing users to quickly generate synthetic datasets and build proof-of-concept deliverables. It automates labor-intensive steps at the beginning of the analytics lifecycle, reducing time-to-value and fostering quicker adoption of analytics across the enterprise.


  • Prepare data in Designer Cloud faster with AI-powered Brushing – a new capability that enables data transformation by simply interacting with the data within the Results Grid. As users highlight a portion of data they are interested in, they receive Predictive Transformation Suggestions. This allows them to automate the creation of data pipelines through intelligent recommendations that assist in selecting the right tool for the job at each step. It’s one of the many ways we’re making it easy to get from data to insights faster.

Simplifying Data Analytics through New Integrations and Enhanced Data Governance

Our customers use Alteryx as the glue that connects their users with their cloud data infrastructure to drive actionable decisions. To make it even easier, we announced improved integrations and enhancements for governance, expanding your data ecosystem.

  • Introducing a new Alteryx Designer Cloud and Looker Studio integration. This integration allows for a seamless connection between data sources and the creation of dashboards, simplifying the traditionally challenging task of aggregating and cleaning data from various sources. The integration lets users connect different data sources, perform data transformations, and create visualizations within a single platform. This simplifies the process, enhancing efficiency, usability, and data quality for the millions of monthly active Looker Studio users. This integration is currently in private preview, with general availability anticipated later this year.
  • The Alteryx Analytics Cloud platform can also be hosted within the European Union and Australia at the customer’s election. This regional availability will support the unique needs of EU/EEA and Asia Pacific customers and global enterprises. This will help businesses conform to regionalized preferences and other requirements, such as those in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Australian Privacy Act. Alteryx Analytics Cloud will support Microsoft Azure ADLS Gen 2 for data storage and expanded Snowflake support on Azure pushdown.
  • Releasing later this year, Alteryx Designer and Server 2023.2 will empower organizations to centralize better and govern data access across various environments. This release will deliver a new connector to Databricks’ Unity Catalog, the industry’s first unified governance solution for data and AI on the lakehouse, fostering increased employee engagement in the decision-making intelligence process.
  • Additionally, administrators will have a central location to manage Alteryx across their organization that streamlines and simplifies their software management through audit logging, usage data, entitlements, and billing capabilities, all available on the Account Admin Console.

Empowering Scalable Extensions and Connectivity with Marketplace, Designer, and Server

We also unveiled investments that expand access to verified solutions and enhance cloud-connected capabilities:

  • Say hello to the Alteryx Marketplace! Here, users will find expert-built add-ons like connectors, macros, and more, which are verified, secure, and supported to meet enterprise-level business requirements. Discover new innovative solutions that expand the functionality, usage, and power of Alteryx and help users drive further business growth. Get started exploring the Alteryx Marketplace today.The latest Alteryx Designer and Server 2023.2 release also allows customers to manage better, connect, and govern analytics at scale. This update introduces new APIs for automating Data Connection Manager (DCM) processes and enables data connection sharing for enterprise-grade collaboration.
  • In addition to this release, users can now securely store and execute their desktop workflows from local data centers using Cloud Execution for Desktop. Alteryx enables hosting the Alteryx Analytics Cloud Platform (AACP) for customers in Europe and Asia, allowing the organizations to adhere to regional data requirements.

Our ongoing investment in generative AI with Alteryx AiDIN, our new integrations with partners, and the introduction of the new Alteryx Marketplace demonstrate how committed we are to making analytics insights accessible for all. Our teams are innovating more rapidly than ever, and we are providing our customers and partners with the solutions needed to accelerate insight delivery at scale.

To learn more, check out our Inspire Experiences site and explore our products firsthand with a free trial today!