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Top 5 Analytics Blogs of 2022

Technology   |   Melissa Erbes   |   Jan 9, 2023

INPUT by Alteryx is going on its third year in publication. What started as a quarterly magazine in 2020 has become a weekly blog packed with insights from analytics and data science thinkers and doers from Alteryx, our partners, and guest bloggers in the industry.

Over the past few years, we’ve covered everything from The Hidden Side of Analytics with Freakonomics’ Stephen Dubner, to COVID and the Role of Data Science and answered the most pivotal question of all time: Are Data Scientists More Like Cats … or Dogs?

(My personal favorite takes you through a day in the life with (and without) self-service analytics.)

With the start of the New Year, it’s a good time to stop and share our top five blogs from 2022 based on your views.

  1. Why So Many Organizations Are Getting AI and Machine Learning Wrong:
    As more organizations use AI, machine learning (ML), or data analysis in their operations, it’s clear that the business value from these implementations simply isn’t being realized. In this blog, we discuss eight common myths about AI.
  2. Announcing Alteryx Analytics Cloud:
    Our Chief Product Officer, Suresh Vittal, introduces Alteryx Analytics Cloud, a suite of four cloud products — Designer Cloud, Alteryx Auto Insights, Alteryx Machine Learning, and Trifacta — that can provide you with an easy-to-use, unified set of capabilities in the cloud, bringing automated analytics to every user in your enterprise.
  3. Trifacta Joins the Alteryx Family:
    Once again, our Chief Product Officer, Suresh Vittal, shares our excitement at having Trifacta join the Alteryx family to help customers and partners bring even more value to their businesses powered by breakthrough data analytic insights.
  4. The 5 Stages of Analytics Maturity:
    To improve your company’s analytics maturity, you must first understand the different stages of maturity, the components that impact maturity, and how you compare using the analytics maturity model. Read the blog, then take the assessment.
  5. How Can Business and Finance Teams Use AI?:
    So, what exactly is AI … and how can you use it? We walk you through three ways AI supports business needs (and improves processes and time savings, leading to more breakthroughs.)

We appreciate your interest in our views and sincerely thank you for your readership. Look forward to so much more to come in 2023! And, as always, we welcome YOUR input about INPUT. Feel free to submit any comments, feedback, or blog ideas here.