Environmental, Social & Governance

Our Commitment to ESG

In this inaugural Global Impact Report, we are proud to provide an overview of our impact initiatives: how we are protecting and fostering diversity and wellbeing on our teams, engaging our customers in giving back, and building sustainability into our development strategy with an aim towards a greener, brighter future for everyone. Moving forward, we’re focusing our ESG efforts on the below topics.

Our People

Our Planet

  • Reducing our carbon footprint
  • Energy management
  • Creating a green workplace
  • Climate action

Our Ethics and Governance

  • Business ethics
  • Transparency and reporting
  • Board oversight
  • Leadership accountability
  • Data privacy and security

We are empowering changemakers across industries with our analytics software and are working to build a strong and equitable pipeline of diverse tech talent — serving our ultimate mission of making analytics accessible to all.

Mark Anderson, CEO



Our People

Diversidade, equidade, inclusão e pertencimento

We’re building a culture where our employees feel included through equitable hiring, ongoing self-reflection, and multiple efforts that empower them to reach their personal and career ambitions.

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Tech for Good

Tech for Good é um programa de licenciamento gratuito, que oferece nosso software inigualável e ferramentas analíticas fáceis de usar, para entidades sem fins lucrativos que necessitam de novos recursos, ajudando na tomada de decisões estratégicas com mais rapidez.

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Voluntariado e filantropia

We encourage Alteryx employees to give back to their communities through our Alteryx for Good program, which includes 20 hours of paid volunteer time off annually.

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Our Planet

As we work to create specific and measurable goals around our environmental impact, here are a few steps we’re already taking to drive sustainability awareness across our business and reduce our environmental impact:

  • Quantifying our global greenhouse gas emissions to set future reduction targets
  • Joining the America Is All In Climate Pledge
  • Driving workplace-wide sustainability education and best practices


Our Ethics & Governance

Alteryx employees receive mandatory training each year for topics including anti-harassment, anti-corruption, information security, and privacy. We also require compliance training for employees in various roles and business functions to mitigate associated risks.

Data Privacy and Security

Alteryx follows privacy and security best practices designed to provide a secure, reliable, and compliant analytics platform for individuals and organizations of all sizes. Our audit committee and Information Security team monitor our cybersecurity risks, and we have incident-response procedures ready for any cyber threat.


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