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Use Case

Analytics Project Impact Analysis


As organizations increase their use of analytics, it becomes important to ensure those analytics are making a meaningful difference. Companies can maximize the impact of analytics projects by A/B testing the dashboards they create, then making changes based on results.

Top-Line Growth

Improve analytics continuously through data-driven development, automated testing and before-and-after impact review of dashboards

Workforce Upskilling

Enable users to find deeper insights into data by making dashboards and reports more usable

Efficiency Gains

Implement a data-driven process that eliminates the need to redo analytics projects

Business Problem

Not every analytics project meets the needs of business users, either because the dashboard or report is not usable or because it delivers no clear improvement in performance. Results include do-overs, abandoned efforts and a poor understanding of what makes projects successful or unsuccessful.

Alteryx Solution

With an automated data connection and A/B testing, companies can launch different versions of analytics projects like dashboards simultaneously. They can compare usage of each version and decide how best to design their dashboards and reports. Even while studying multiple variables at a time, they can gauge the impact of each design decision on individual metrics and overall usage.

With Alteryx, you can:

  • Create a Designer workflow that connects to usage data for analytics dashboards
  • Launch a new dashboard in limited release and give different versions to different groups of users
  • Track impact of unique designs and features to understand which version users like best
  • Consolidate usage data after A/B testing and use the Data Investigation toolkit to analyze which design decisions matter most to users

Dashboard Impact Analysis Designer Workflow

1 – Data Connection

Use In-Database tools to transform dashboard usage data before it’s extracted, then automatically import that data for blending with external data sources

2 – Data Prep
Associate usage metrics with device information and blend that data into usable tracking metrics for comparing different versions

3 – Advanced Analytics

Uncover which design decisions most affect usage and incorporate findings to new versions of dashboards


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