Resham Mehta

Vice President, Corporate Development, Alteryx

Resham Mehta, as Vice President of Corporate Development at Alteryx, is a strategic leader in the world of data analytics. With a wealth of experience, Resham plays a pivotal role in driving Alteryx's growth through strategic partnerships, mergers, and acquisitions. Her expertise in identifying and capitalizing on industry opportunities is instrumental in shaping Alteryx's expansion strategy. Resham's dedication to aligning corporate development initiatives with Alteryx's mission to empower data analysts and business users underscores her commitment to driving the company's continued success in the data analytics landscape.

What's New May 11, 2023
Alteryx Ventures Invests in Toucan Toco for Data Storytelling and Customer-Facing Analytics
We are excited to announce that Alteryx Ventures has invested in Toucan Toco (“Toucan”), a leader in data storytelling and customer-faci...