Automate AWS ETL

What's New   |   Paul Warburg   |   Feb 28, 2022 TIME TO READ: 2 MINS

Migrating to AWS and AWS Redshift is inevitably a multi-step process, often owned by IT. With Designer Cloud’s intuitive, no-code interface, any AWS ETL efforts such as moving data from S3 into Redshift for cloud data warehousing or preparing S3 data for machine learning and reporting, can easily and quickly be accomplished by data professionals without reliance on IT departments.

Faster Time-to-Value

With Designer Cloud’s advanced profiling interface you can find anomalies and discrepancies in your data at record speed and resolve them in just a few clicks.

Designer Cloud automatically detects schemas, data types, join keys, and anomalies such as missing values, outliers, and duplicate values so you can publish your transformed data faster.

Powerful Automation

Schedule the execution of data preparation recipes on a recurring basis. When the scheduled job completes, trigger other downstream processes using webhooks or send out email notifications to interested people in your organization.

Automatically pick up the right inputs by creating dynamic rules and conditions that define what files will get picked up in each execution.

Predictive Transformations

Designer Cloud uses a proprietary machine learning algorithm to interpret the data transformation intention based on data selection via a mechanism we call brushing. A ranked set of suggestions and patterns for the selections to match are automatically generated that accelerate the AWS ETL service transformation process.

Designer Cloud’s instinctive solution minimizes information handle time and creates ease of management for all AWS ETL pipeline tasks.