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Cricket Analytics: Optimizing Performance and Strategy

Whether you’re a cricket fan or an analytics fan, this one’s for you. Join us as we dive into the transformational impact of data and analytics on both Major League Cricket and the corporate arena. We’ll explore strategies that drive success both on and off the field, with insights from none other than Shane Watson, Head Coach of the San Francisco Unicorns cricket team.

Highlights include:

  • How data-driven decision-making revolutionizes strategy and decision processes in cricket
  • Deep insights into the future of cricket analysis, exploring the potential of advanced analytics, machine learning, and AI
  • Strategies that bridge the gap between cricket and business success

Meet Our Speakers

DV Lamba

Alteryx 最高技術責任者

Shane Watson

Head Coach, San Francisco Unicorns Cricket Team

Vishal Soni

テクニカル製品マーケティングマネージャー, Alteryx

Will Davis

Sr. Sales Engineer, Alteryx


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