Shane Remer

Content Marketing Manager

Shane transforms complex topics into (hopefully) enjoyable stories. When he’s not at Alteryx, he’s usually destroying a fictional character’s life, regretting not packing more water for a hike, or tempting fate in an organized sport.

Technology Mar 2, 2021
2020 Was Just The Beginning of a Larger Workplace Shift
Automation is changing the way people work — and the jobs they work. Here are the technologies companies will need, and people will need t...
Technology Dec 22, 2020
Modern-Day Analytic Automation
Let's explore a classic supply chain challenge and illustrate the value of optimizing your supply chain with modern-day analytic automation...
Technology Dec 22, 2020
How Great Leaders Use Data to Find the Best Solution, Gain Alignment, and Avoid Needless Meetings
Looking to gain alignment on new ideas, solutions, and campaigns? There’s an easy way to do it with data, and it could cut out meetings al...
Technology Dec 8, 2020
Driving Business Transformation With Analytic Process Automation
How can you drive business during challenging times? A recently commissioned Forrester Opportunity Snapshot surveying global business l...
Technology Nov 12, 2020
Q&A: Insights From the Forrester Opportunity Snapshot
In this brief Q&A session featuring Cinny Little, Principal Analyst at Forrester, she shares her insights from the Forrester Opportunity Sna...
Strategy Sep 29, 2020
6 Signs You Should Throw Out A Profitable Supply Chain Business Model
Is now the time for you to throw out a profitable business model? Here are 6 signs that you can use to find out. 
Strategy Jul 14, 2020
Three Must Haves for Modern Analytics Manufacturing
Open up the possibilities for manufacturing insights from the shop floor to the top floor with modern analytics.
People Jul 7, 2020
What Data and Analytics Skills Do You Need to Advance Your Accounting or Finance Career?
We searched high and low to find the most important data and analytics skills for accounting and finance professionals. Here’s our list �...
Technology Jun 10, 2020
Spreadsheets Reveal why They’re Terrible at Tax, Audit, Finance, and Accounting Analytics
We sat down with spreadsheets for a quick Q&A to get a better understanding of why they're terrible at tax, audit, finance, and accounting a...
People Jun 2, 2020
A Quick Introduction to the Modern Analytics Journey
A comprehensive look at data science and analytics as a vehicle to drive transformation across your organization. 
Technology May 27, 2020
Feel The Rush: On Analytics + Finance
From financial forecasts to internal audit processes, explore how some of the biggest, most reputable companies are using data to stay gold.
Technology May 20, 2020
Six New Ways to Think Beyond Rows and Columns
Let’s explore six new ways to think beyond rows and columns and improve spreadsheet myopia.