ROSHN Fulfills Ambitious Home Ownership Goal with Alteryx

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Playing a key role in an ambitious project

ROSHN Group is Saudi Arabia’s most trusted multi-asset class real estate developer. As a giga-project wholly owned by the Kingdom’s Public Investment Fund (PIF), they are playing a significant role in raising the nation’s homeownership rate to 70% by 2030.

The lofty goal is part of Vision 2030, a project aimed at diversifying the nation’s economy and improving the quality of life for the Kingdom’s citizens, among other initiatives. This includes working with numerous construction and design companies and a large amount of data scattered across various sources to achieve the scale of the ROSHN mandate.

Given the sprawl of data sets and large scale of data and reporting requests, the team needed to automate the collection and analysis processes and consolidate their decentralized data landscape into a single data pipeline.

Adnan Amro, Associate Director of the Enterprise Project Management Office at ROSHN, described the challenges of managing and analyzing large volumes of data. “The amount of data is growing, so it’s not only the scale that’s big, but the more projects we launch, the more people we bring in, the more there is a need for a centralized database that serves as a single source of truth.”

Amro and his team of analysts also manage data on the corporate side of the business including finance, HR, sales and marketing. The decision to look at a solution was based on sheer amount of data and reporting needs, the scale of which could no longer be handled with manual collection and analysis.

“With so much available data and requests for reports, partnering with Alteryx has been instrumental in our journey to become a data-driven organization,” adds Abdulrahman Alharbi, Manager of the Enterprise Project Management Office at ROSHN.

Gaining a holistic view of disparate data with Alteryx

The team now uses Alteryx to collect data from multiple sources, then prepare and transform the data for storage in an on-premise SQL server, providing a centralized location for easy data consumption and saving a lot of time.

Easy-to-build workflows using Alteryx is where the real magic happens for the team and replaces hours of repetitive, manual work. The user-friendly, low-code solution enables analysts to easily create workflows and provide timely data that’s always available. Analysts can refresh reports on demand or on a schedule, and quickly develop macros to automate tasks.

“Once the data workflow is created and tested, it gets scheduled, and the Alteryx platform always reflects the latest data for us, which we can pull at any given time,” said Lamyaa Alyousef, Officer of the Enterprise Project Management Office at ROSHN. “It’s a matter of refreshing our dashboards or reports. It’s not a matter of reinventing the wheel every single time.”

Real-time data insights with company-wide impact

Reports generated from the analytics team are used widely across ROSHN for better decision making and forecasting. Amro says about half of the company’s 1,000 employees, including the senior leadership team, rely on dashboards and cross-functional reports built in Alteryx.

“Partnering with Alteryx has been instrumental in our journey to become a data-driven organization. The automation of data extraction and preparation processes saved significant time and has empowered us to identify market trends, make informed investment decisions, drive operational efficiencies, and elevate our position as a leading developer in the region,” added Amro.

The team already has future plans to leverage more of what Alteryx has to offer, including AI and ML capabilities. They are currently testing machine learning models based on historical data and plan to further enhance the models to provide predictive analysis.

Making actionable data insights available to everyone is one way the team is building a culture of analytics at ROSHN, as the company executes on its mission to build the future of Saudi Arabia.

Ease of Use

Low code, drag and drop capabilities help users produce complex workflows quickly

Source Agnostic

Agnostic ETL engine pulls from multiple data sources and data types

Time to Value

Straightforward and fast deployment enables efficiencies and time savings


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