Use Case

Regulatory Risk Reduction


Manual processes tend to increase risk, and the level of risk rises when the processes involve regulatory compliance. Smart companies mitigate that risk and meet their deadlines by automating their reporting procedures.

Efficiency Gains

Save 75+ hours a month preparing regulatory reports and procedures across business areas and jurisdictions

Risk Reduction

Reduce the risk of errors in processing and reporting to meet regulatory requirements

Bottom-Line Returns

Reduce headcount required to meet regulatory requirements through scheduling automated processes


Business Problem

Auditors put manual processes in place to reduce the risk of missing deadlines for reporting. All manual processes entail a certain level of risk, but in the case of regulatory returns, the company’s missed deadlines and error-ridden filings can result in penalties for non-compliance. The more business units and jurisdictions the organization contains, the greater the risk.

Alteryx Solution

With Alteryx, auditors can create workflows that automate the process of completing returns accurately and on schedule. Workflows created with Designer provide an automated framework for ongoing compliance with reporting obligations. They reduce the organization’s dependence on manual processes and the risk of non-compliance due to missed deadlines.

With Alteryx, you can:

  • Eliminate repeated data connection and extraction processes through automated connections to your data
  • Reduce staff time consumed on activities like completing returns from weeks down to a few hours
  • Schedule workflows to run every night, generating updated, timely data for use in regulatory reporting

Regulatory Risk Reduction Designer Workflow

1 – Data Connection

Define filters for data extraction and then automatically extract data from sources like SAP

2 – Prep & Blend

Pull data from SAP exactly as customer would, then modify it, saving hours of tedious work

3 – Automated Results

Deliver business-changing outcomes in


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