Making Martech More Efficient with Analytic Automation

A 360° view of the customer: We all know that’s the goal of contemporary marketing. But how do you achieve it in a fast-moving, fast-changing world?

Cookie-cutter data solutions won’t cut it anymore. With customer tastes, competitors, and even the economic environment itself constantly shifting, you need the agility to turn on a dime—even with the biggest, broadest marketing campaigns. And that’s something you can only get from automation.

Join in, as we explore data-powered marketing objectives, common barriers to success, and how analytic automation can overcome them, including:

  • Real-time data, its growing importance to modern 360° marketing, and how to deal with its toughest challenges
  • The evolving role of the CMO, and why embracing data martech saves time and costs while adding significant value
  • A key marketing agency operations use case: combining data from diverse sources, and keeping it fresh even when scaling up across teams

Meet Our Speakers

Fabio Italiano

Field CMO, Alteryx

Brandon Bak

Principle Solutions Engineer, Alteryx


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